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The Asiantvchannel cable news and information channel on SkyCable Region 1 is set to be re-launched soon with events, more information oriented featured programs, new program schedules and ad placement promos wherein both old and new advertisers shall enjoy limited time discounts for ad placements and feature programming schedules.
A subsidiary of the Asian Group of Companies, Asiantvchannel was established in 2009(?) and began broadcasting on a test basis covering the entire Region 1.  Other Asiantvchannels have since started broadcasting in the Batangas and Bicol regions(?). The channel is managed by the Young Entrepreneurs Media Universal Services Incorporated (YEMUS) under direct supervision of the Asian Group of Companies.
Recognizing the need for a low cost alternative for manufacturers and inventors of premium quality products who can’t afford mainstream media advertising, the mother company launched the cable channel to provide an affordable media outlet wherein they can showcase their products.
Based on this premise, the programming of Asiantvchannel is centered mainly on infomercials regarding health and beauty supplements, oem spa products, health and wellness features and other similar programs. The relaunch of Asiantvchannel aims not only to attract more manufacturers and inventors of innovative products, but encourage more experts primarily in the health and wellness industry to take part in the channels shows and programming in order to increase the cable channels’ viewership.
Asiantvchannel is currently being broadcasted the entire Region 1 in the provinces of Baguio City, Ilocos Region, Laoag , Dagupan City and Pangasinan through SkyCable. The cable carrier of Asiantvchannel has an estimated  756,120  number of cable subscribers in the areas mentioned. The company’s aim is to be able to establish an Asiantvchannel covering all regions and provinces of the Philippines and maybe beyond.
Products, equipment and other items being advertised on Asiantvchannel needs to pass a thorough assessment by the managing team in order for it to be part of the programming. The products, equipment and other items needs to be effective, of good quality and must be unique. YEMUS can also provide video coverage and production for products without an existing tv commercial or audiovisiual presentation at a very affordable cost as well.

In order to take part of the launch and avail of the ad promos and other freebies, please contact the Asiantvchannel hotline at  02-661 3610 or visit the website at