Alaiza Malinao: CAREFREE YET FAB



Towering and tan, Alaiza Malinao has the vision and confidence to have what it takes to be a top model. Like the Boho style though, she remains cool amid rigorous exercise and stressful modeling life. She says that photoshoots can be tiring but you have to find a way to enjoy at work. She loves working with people and deals with criticisms with ease. She’s naturally bubbly and describes herself as crazy behind the cam but completely immersed and focused when at work. She started with Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 and moving up to higher grounds.

1. What was the most remarkable experience that you had in Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4?
Well, I really had fun with the girls and had the chance to travel around Asia. And since we stayed in one house, I had the chance to learn the cultures of different girls.

2. What are your career plans?
I’d probably try modeling abroad since I have already gotten used to the professional modeling routines in Manila. I have to break the routine. I’d like to start in Asia first then off I go to the U.S. You see, modeling abroad will also be a way for me to grow as a person so I’d like to work with different people, standards and cultures

3. What were the greatest challenges in modeling that you encountered? I guess, it is being perfect in the eyes of stylists and critics. I’ve got to prove that people did not make a mistake in choosing me for some projects. I also have to withstand criticisms and face them with courage.

4. How do you prepare yourself for photoshoots?
I drink coffee to keep my energy high. I also put lotion to make my skin look healthy and smooth.

5. What are the beauty essentials that you bring for outdoor photoshoots or when you travel?
I always bring moisturizer and lotion. My skin is dry so I need to hydrate it to keep it glowing. Moisturizers really help to keep my skin soft although I need to research more about the best way to ease skin dryness.

6. Do you use special skin formulations?
No. I just use Johnson’s and Celeteque. I want to look tan to be
unique so I also use Nivea Bronze and Protect. In modeling, it’s a big advantage if you have a fair skin but being tan makes me a stand out so I use Nivea Bronze and Protect.

7. What do you like most about Boho style?
I like Boho because it does not need a lot of styling. I can just be myself… carefree yet fab.

8. Do you have special diet?
No. I just avoid eating at fast food. My every meal plate is also free from processed food. At home, I stay away from fried food and indulge in a lot of vegetables.

9. What kind of exercise do you do?
I do high-intensity exercise. It’s like circuit but the difference is that you have different training everyday.

10. What is your advice to those who aspire to be a model?
First, they have to enjoy modeling at the same time they have to be careful with their decisions. They should not also be too trusting. The modeling world can be harsh with all the expectations and criticisms so one must be strong and have the courage to face all of these.

Like the hippie style, try to keep your cool when the road gets tough. Get a bit crazy at times and like Alaiza, you’ve just got to be yourself. The people around you will always have something negative to say so just imagine yourself while dancing with the wind in your favorite free- spirited outfit to wrap up your day with the festive gypsy mood.

Asia’s Next Top model Alaiza Malinao teams up with fashion photographer Norries Mendoza for Fair Magazine In Her Fad section. In charge of styling was Ricci Calzado, with makeup from Jerry Consulta, and hair styling by Iwa Ajinomoto.


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