Makeup in essence is made to highlight your best features which help you look healthy and full of life. It also adds colors to our appearance. Some say that different makeup looks can influence your mood, for instance, a red shade will stimulate and energize your mood while orange can help you focus. In this post, you will see four dainty makeup looks in different styles that can make you simply dazzling. These makeup looks should be on every woman’s list no matter what the season is. In addition, these are timeless makeup looks that can keep you looking fabulous as all the trends come and go. Feel free to save them in your makeup lists and opt for the best one for a certain occasion. Go check them out by yourself.


A boldly lined smoky eyes and the perfect red lipstick can transform even the most basic black dress into something startlingly chic for a romantic evening look. A romantic makeup look is appropriate for a special date night or an evening ball that will help you look lovely long past midnight.

Red, in any shade or style, is always a timeless and classic choice. Wearing red shades such as red lipstick looks classic, elegant and almost all women stick with this color as it is really a head-turning shade and you could never go wrong with it. Whether you’re going for a romantic evening date or attending a formal party, it is often the best choice.


Get this dainty look with enhanced eyes, glowing highlighted cheeks with yellow undertones and a subtle lip gloss for that fresh-faced daytime look. The idea behind dewy skin is that it looks young, fresh and more natural. A glowing complexion requires proper cleansing and hydrating, but to make your tired or dry skin look fresh again, a dewy makeup look can help with the proper use of highlighter products. A dewy makeup look will give you a polished, groomed, and more attractive look, best to wear on special occasions such as an acquaintance party, awards night, or a dinner party. It prompts more natural and radiant look.


An edgy wing liner with matte foundation and a nude matte lipstick is a look that can be worn any time of the day. Foundations, eyeshadows and lipsticks that are formulated with mattifying powders eliminate shine and leave behind a silky, powdery finish that is why most women love matte. Whether you have oily skin or just prefer the finish, matte makeup does look flawless on most skin types. You can stick with matte for an everyday makeup look.


Smokey eyes and light peach lips create a perfect balance for an edgy daytime look. You can tone down smoky makeup look so it becomes daytime appropriate and slightly less dramatic version of a nighttime smoky makeup look perfect for day or night, casual or dressy occasions. Ideal colors are light brown, medium, or dark brown.



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