Skin Care: Cold Weather may be Bad for Your Skin



It seems that has dominated the entire Philippines and the Filipinos are definitely celebrating. But did you know that cold weather can dry your skin? Don’t fret, here are ways to ensure your skin stays healthy despite the cold.

1. Instead of the usual cold shower, why not try a warm soothing bath?

2. Don’t forget to put on lotion as it moisturizes your skin and prevents it from drying.

3. Bring hand lotions all the time. If it gets too cold, you can always put on hand creams on your hands and other parts of your body. Instead of carrying a bottle of lotion every time, hand cream can be an alternative.

4. Sunblocks are important, still. Even if it seems that the sun doesn’t sting as much as before, it doesn’t mean that the UV rays and other harmful effects are diminished. The sun is still there, only the weather changed so you still need to put on your sunblocks for a healthier skin.


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