Are Sales worth the Sale?



Red tags are women’s undeniable weakness. When a sale is announced, most women go gaga over the news – whether it’s a clothing brand, make ups or anything at hand. But does a 50% off worth it?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
There are things to consider whether a SALE is really needed because sometimes, women overspent on things they don’t really need just to indulge themselves into the trap that is called Buy 1 Take 1.

1. Do I need these?
Ask yourself a question, do I need these stuff as of the moment? Or in the next six months? Because if you don’t need something at hand and you’re thinking you can use it after a year or so, you’re being too far-fetched. Only buy what you need as of the moment and prevent yourself from splurging on things that aren’t really necessary.

2. Is this sale a steal?
There are moments when a SALE isn’t really a sale. Sometimes, you’re just getting a 100 off and it really isn’t worth it. Try weighing other options, am I buying this just because of the 100 off? Or will there be other items cheaper than this?

3. Do I have enough money to spend?
One big mistake women always commit is to succumb on sales despite not having the budget for it. Yes, a buy 1 take 1 on necessities is definitely worth it when you need the items but do you have a budget for it? Or will you spending on something without having money? Because if you don’t have extra – then don’t buy.

SALES come and go – but there will always be SALES, buy 1 take every year. If you really want to splurge on these – save enough and list the things you need. 


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