EXCLUSIVES: Breaking the Beauty Queen Stereotype



ATVC Features Binibining Intercontinental 2017 Katarina Rodriguez to star in the Featured story of their July 2017 edition captured by fashion and beauty photographer Edward Keeler. In charge of styling was Aldrin Ramos, with makeup from beauty artist Mauri Estrada, and hair styling by Iwa Ajinomoto.

As the world develops into a whole new generation of societies and the typical goals apportioned into different genders are slowly shifting; 2017 Binibining Intercontinental Katarina Rodriguez started breaking the stereotypes at a young age.

When some Filipinas grew up wanting Barbie dolls, played dress-up or spent their afternoons with plastic cooking utensils; Katarina spent her childhood days bonding with her brothers. Some beliefs from the past curtailed the paths for women – limiting what they can or cannot do because some tasks were deemed to fit men better. But Katarina ventured into disregarding what has been set and chose to do what she liked the best. She learned martial arts, prepared for marathons, and joined competitions but eventually, she had decided to venture into something out of her usual space.

Before taking a huge leap into the world of modelling, Katarina’s goal was to beat the Philippine national records in the 10km race but when she entered the Asia’s Next Top model; it gave her a whole new perspective and varying life-changing choices. One of those choices was to join a beauty pageant. And although it was not a spur of the moment decision, Katarina still felt a little hesitant when she was already called for the screening of candidates for the Binibining Pilipinas 2017.

Katarina didn’t have any prior beauty pageant experience or underwent a long list of trainings to be a beauty queen so she had no idea what to expect. Joining Binibining Pilipinas was like a totally different world with a multitude of possible outcomes. There were no regrets, not even a single if only but if there was one thing Katarina wanted to do differently, she would have prepared a lot more or stretched out her days to join a lot of trainings before the pageant. For Katarina has learned, preparation is both crucial and an advantage. But in the end, just like the many other decisions she made in the past; participating in Binibini brought a positive result as she won one of the coveted crowns during the Binibining Pilipinas 2017.

Katarina wanted to keep up with her current lifestyle – juggling what she loved to do best while making a name in the modelling industry as well as fulfilling her advocacies with a crown on top of her head and preparing to compete internationally with the goal to win the first Miss Intercontinental Philippine crown.

As one of the current title holders of the Binibining Pilipinas crowns, Katarina believes that make-up has slowly become a huge part her of life. She does the usual routine of applying a good cream-base foundation, a concealer and then making sure to do her eyebrows and added to her over-all look is a little bit of a natural colored eye shadow. She also curls her lashes and then work on a shy amount of contour and a damp of a blush. Finally, she finalizes her look with a popping shade of lipstick or lip tint.

But because for Katarina, the natural skin is still the best look for Filipina women, she makes it a point to keep her skin as healthy as possible. Washing her face every morning and then moisturizing it is part of her routine. She always removes her make-up before going to bed to ensure her skin stays fresh and healthy.

Without a doubt, some people tend to stereotype beauty queens, labeling them as women who only care about how they look, what they wear, and could only do things related to becoming beautiful. But as the world of beauty pageants grow, so as its candidates. Katarina, along with the other title holders, proved that being a beauty queen does not mean she dreamt about it constantly, it doesn’t mean she only knows how to beautify herself, it doesn’t mean she is restricted to do martial arts – because being a beauty queen means doing what you love, what you do best, and setting an example to every single women that no one can tell you what you can or cannot do.

And currently, as Katarina holds a first degree black belt in Taekwondo and is the 2017 Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental, we’re all curious as to what she’ll do next. But what is Katarina’s next move? Well, it’s excitingly a surprise. So watch out, Katarina, along with the growing population of Filipina women breaking the typical Filipina mindset, is set to defy more boundaries, break a couple of more traditional beliefs and will most definitely break a lot of stereotypes.



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