5 Easy Ways To Create A Rose Gold Wedding Motif



Can’t get enough of Rose Gold? Why not make it part of one of the most important days in your life? A Rose Gold theme can easily make your wedding look gorgeous and sophisticated. Rose Gold is not too bright and loud but not too pale either to go unnoticed. This color blends easily with other colors making it easier to come up with a well-coordinated concept.

A Rose Gold wedding theme is timeless. When you look at it after five or ten years, it would still look in style. Pink and gold also make a good contrast as well as symbolic representations. Pink is a representation of your feminine side while a hint of gold perfectly fits this grand event in your life.

Here are some easy ways on how to glam up your wedding with a Rose Gold motif without exerting too much effort.

Make use of peach roses for your bouquet and use a gold lace to tie them up. For the decoration, stick with peach or pink flowers and use gold ribbons as an added embellishment.

Candles and Flowers
Design the tables with flowers and candles. For the candle holders, recycle an old shot glass and for the flower vase, use an empty wine bottle. Use a metallic gold paint to color the bottles. Use either peach or pink candles and flowers to create a rose gold ambiance.

Cover the tables with a shimmery rose gold table cloth to make it look more fabulous.

For the wedding cake, you can have a plain white 2 layer cake with a pink and gold accent. You can have pink flowers and then pair it with gold leaves.

Wedding Invitation
You can choose a pale pink paper printed with gold letters. Choose a frosted paper as it would look better with metallic imprints.


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