Anti-Aging Secrets: 3 Skin Care Hacks For A Younger Looking Skin


They say “age is just a number, and being young is an attitude.” Sadly, no matter how enthusiastic and energetic you are, if you’re not taking skin care as a priority, your appearance will still be affected – worse, you might look older than you should be. Although no one can really stop aging, there are still ways on how you can make yourself look 5 years younger. So, how do you really do that? What are the secrets for a healthier, younger-looking skin?

As most experts suggest, making wise lifestyle choices is the primary key to achieving #skincaregoals; some of which include reducing alcohol intake, eating fresh and raw fruits and vegetables, applying sunblock, sleeping properly, committing to a regular exercise routine, and the most common of all – drinking water. Lots of it! While these tips are helpful enough, do you know that there are other ways on how you can keep the aging process slower than it should it be? Whether you’re clueless about anti-aging strategies or you just want to add more knowledge, these simple anti-aging hacks will surely help you.

  • Start Taking Collagen Supplements

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably been to a drugstore. What do you usually see in the vitamin aisle? Do you see any collagen supplements? Of course, you do! Although collagen supplements have existed for a long time, its popularity among the skin care departments has just been noticed a few years ago. These pills work like wonder, promising too good to be true claims such as turning back the clock by promoting collagen within the body and plumping fine lines. Fortunately, studies suggest that these claims are mostly true so if you want to improve your skin’s appearance, you might want to include these supplements in your shopping bag next time.

  • Sugar? Stop Eating, Start Scrubbing

Yes, you read that right. Not only does sugar expand your waist, it also weakens the skin’s collagen, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles even at an early age. Therefore, rather than consuming it, use it as an exfoliator. Sugar-based scrubs can magically remove any impurities. Looking for an organic approach? Try mixing lemon juice with sugar and reveal a smoother, fresher look in an instant. The sugar crystal and the lemon juice, which contains alpha hydroxyl acid, by the way, remove the dead skin cells through gentle exfoliation. It also preps the skin so that your moisturizer can easily penetrate to your pores.

  • Include Ginger Tea In Your Morning Routine

We all know how beneficial teas as it contains antioxidants – a component that is essential if you want to reduce signs of aging. However, ginger tea surpasses them all. Ginger has been used a long, long time ago and its benefits are no secret at all. Its antioxidants are potent enough to minimize skin damage and inflammation. If you’re not fond of its pungent, spicy taste, you can make it sweeter by using honey. Add this to your morning routine and you’ll be seeing a great improvement in your skin in no time! 


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