Must Try: A Truly Authentic Pampering Center



“You will defnitely step out satisfed, relieved from pain and feel healthier.”


In the heart of the busy metro comes Asian Massage, a truly authentic pampering center where rejuvenation and expertise blend perfectly yet surprisingly affordable. The entire staff sincerely welcomes everyone with the Asian trademark of hospitality – courteous and sincere. The interiors are embellished with intricate Thai design and more importantly, speckle-free and soothing. The masseuses or massage therapists have the hands of gold that ease the knots out of your aching back. Aside from being extensively trained with the trade secrets of Asian Massage, they have TESDA NC-II and Department of Health certifications so you are assured of luxurious and safe treatment.

A must-try treatment is the Seomyeong Massage using Japanese Moguza recommended for clients who are suffering from dyspepsia, gastroparesis, slow motility syndrome, constipation, or colic. If simple ear aches and sinusitis are your main problems, the Asian Massage Signature with Indian Ear Candle could be the answer. On the other hand, the Qi’ Massage, a total treatment package, offers not just a relaxing treatment but also detoxification while the Asian Massage’s traditional Hilot uses the comforting warmed coconut oil. To complete the healing ritual, banana leaves are placed over the body of the client. Of course, Thai Massage which restores balance of the mind and body is also available.

Asian Massage uses special oil imported from Korea. One of these is eucalyptus which is best for colds. Another is the green tea oil known for its anti-aging properties. You may also request for lemon oil to help rejuvenate your energy, or the peppermint oil which can invigorate the mind and senses while inspiring an essence of peace.

Well, when your day is dragging through a workout, class, or day at work, you deserve the Asian Massage treatments. You will definitely step out satisfied, relieved from pain and feel healthier.

Asian Massage now has 21 branches nationwide and growing. It is open 24 hours so you can drop by anytime to get the treatment you’ve been wanting to have. If your schedule is tight, you may also request for a home service.


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