EXCLUSIVES: Ascend The Unknown Future feat. Ayra Mariano


STORY BY Nesthyne Eusebio

ATVC Features Actress and Commercial Model Ayra Mariano to star in the Featured story of their September 2017 edition captured by fashion photographer Edward Keeler. In charge of styling was Daryl Maat, with makeup from beauty artist Nikki Duque, and hair styling by Mycke Arcano.

The onset of almost everything significant for Ayra Mariano can be associated with a glimpse of hesitation. But her journey in becoming one of the Philippines’ rising teen stars of today’s generation was filled with several rollercoaster of uncertainties, mountainous willpower, and interminable hard work.

It was not all flowery nor was everything rainbows and butterflies – nothing was even served in a golden platter because Ayra, in order for her name to be known, needed to battle multitude of challenges as she struggled with various unanswerable questions, and drowned herself in unnecessary self-doubt – and that was why, her worst enemy was none other than herself.


It took her a couple of tries, several attempts into making efforts to recover in every failure because she desired to be someone, to achieve something, to be where she wanted to be so despite the hurdles she constantly faced, she was filled with the determination to push through – to keep going.

Ayra’s interest in joining the glitz and glamour of show business was greatly influenced by the people around her through their constant support. She started to participate in auditions for commercials when finally, she landed one which gave her the opportunity to channel and to showcase her capabilities.

And without a doubt, Ayra Mariano’s Eskinol commercial infamous line, ayaw kuminis, will be remembered by many throughout the years as she delivered one of the most iconic commercial advertisement statements in the Philippine history. And these two words marked the start of her blossoming showbiz career. But who would have thought that Ayra wasn’t really planning on auditioning for the role? It was not planned nor was she able to practice before she went on and tried her luck rather it may be considered as a spur of the moment decision – mostly by her mom. As Ayra’s weakest trait of doubting herself once again drowned her decisions but eventually her mom had convinced her and the rest was history.

She started with the well-known and well-loved Eskinol commercial and then ventured into joining a television variety show where she finished as First Princess. Her life before becoming a celebrity was entirely different from the current one she has but the transition came easy as she had been prepared when she joined Starstruck. And now as she continued to develop and to improve on her craft, she currently appears on several shows and is one of the faces of the newest GMA youth oriented show, G.R.I.N.D. And slowly, little by little, she’s climbing the ladder and soon, she’ll be on top.

CLOTHES Top: Zara, Corset Belt: Darylmaat ,Shorts: H&M ,Shoes: Daryl Maat

There were and still are detours along her way, the unceasing criticism from bashers but Ayra, with a genuine smile on her face, claimed, “bashers are your secret fans” and have fully accepted the fact that she will always have them looking out for her – and she will relentlessly better herself, not for the benefit of them but for herself and her fans.

CLOTHES Top: Zara, Corset Belt: Darylmaat ,Shorts: H&M ,Shoes: Daryl Maat

Being confident wasn’t Ayra’s strong suit and could not help but consistently pulled out the string of doubt whenever she tried out for roles but as time went by and she realized there won’t be anything wrong in trying and she won’t know the result unless she tried; Ayra started to dig out courage and slowly minimize the doubts she always feel and filled it out with hope for her future. And she made up for it by being committed and loving what she does. Added to it is her undeniably bubbly personality.

Ayra Mariano is building a name for herself in show business but her end goal isn’t only about fame and fortune but her focus is geared towards being contended. If in the future she would be given a chance, she would want to take up medicine or be in the culinary industry as a chef – something she would like to see herself doing while acting. She wanted to become someone, not only an actress, but at the same time, gain a profession while doing her passion. It will definitely be a long shot, a seemingly out of reach anticipation but all dreams are reachable if we only believe and that is what Ayra has been doing – she believes, strives hard to survive and in the end she will conquer.

Clothes Top: Zara, Bottom: F21

And although Ayra started with having several qualms and uncertainties, even doubting herself if she can do many things, in the end, her determination to reach her dream prevailed and paved the way for her success. “Surely, every now and then, there will always be doubts, hesitations or even distrust with oneself but as long as you try, there will be no other way but to get it done – if in the end, it was meant for you, accept it, move on but don’t forget to try again.” 


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