Beauty: 5 Easy Steps To Reduce Signs Of Aging


Dr. Howard Murad once said “Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not.” Indeed, aging is inevitable; thus, no matter who you are, you will experience it, eventually. However, rather than whining about it, the best way, perhaps, is to learn how to take control. Almost everybody wants to look young and fresh but unfortunately, only a few people exert effort in combating it. Other than the money spent, one of the reasons why a person neglect skin care is because of the time and effort consumed.

Most people think that anti-aging products and methods are done for the sake of a better personal appearance, but in reality – it is not just about that. Taking care of ourselves and switching to a healthier lifestyle also contributes to the improvement of our inner health and overall wellness. After all, if you’re looking good, you’re feeling good as well. The choice we make does not only affect our complexions but our entire body, so if you want to prevent the early signs of aging, consider these tips:

  •    Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Many people ditch sunscreen, umbrellas, hats, or even shades; but believe me when I say that you’re no stronger than the sun. Its harmful rays may not only result in premature aging but also deadly skin cancers. If you’re planning to go out, even for a short period of time), protect yourself by wearing a sunscreen with at least SPF 15. Make sure that it can shield your from both the UVA and UVB rays, otherwise, wearing it is pointless.

  •    Get Enough Beauty Rest

Calling sleep a “beauty rest” happens for a reason; while you sleep, your entire body is under repair. This means that putting yourself into a deep slumber allows your body – as well as your skin – to initiate its restorative function. That’s why there’s an unwritten rule about getting at least six to eight hours of sleep; however, if you want to defy age, you may want to sleep a little longer.

  •    Get Rid Of Your Vices

Whether it’s smoking or drinking, vices speed up the aging process. The skin’s elasticity is badly affected by the nicotine from cigarettes; meanwhile, too much alcohol can not only dehydrate the skin but also, reduce the levels of Vitamin A – which, by the way, is essential for collagen production.

  •    Reduce Stress

We all know how stress badly affects the body. Although at some point, it can be beneficial, being stressed for a long time can promote aging and other deadly diseases, such as heart attack. With the lifestyle we have nowadays, it’s not easy to escape stress; however, if you really want to live a peaceful, happier life, you can engage yourself in different de-stressing activities, such as yoga, meditation, or by simply walking.

  •    Include Collagen Supplements In Your Daily Habit

As you age, the collagen present in your skin deteriorates naturally. However, you can help yourself by taking collagen supplements, such as KB Collagen. The food supplement contains essential components such as collagen peptide to get rid of the saggy skin and wrinkle formation; Pearl Coix Extract and Silk Peptide to revitalize the skin; and Vitamin E, an essential nutrient for the skin. These and many other ingredients, such as fish oil, are infused in an easy-to-swallow tablet. So, if you want to slow down your aging, you might want to make this a part of your daily habit.


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