Beauty: Flash Your Bright White Smile Again


By Flor Leano

Indulging in soda, coffee and tea can make your teeth yellowish. No matter how you brush, teeth stain can be so tough to deal with even if you brush regularly. It’s really embarrassing to smile with yellowish teeth. It makes people think that you aren’t oral hygiene conscious. When smiling makes you feel insecure, try using KB Purewhite Teeth Whitening Pen formulated to give you a killer smile. It whitens teeth really fast in time for your date, meetings or presentations. It works even after you applied it so you do not have to worry if you’re suddenly invited for up-close encounters.

KB Purewhite Teeth Whitening Pen, a smooth and minty gel, produces a fine foam that penetrates enamel and whitens teeth in the most gentle way. These bubbles offer maximum whitening result, yet they are proven safe. This gel won’t damage your precious food choppers even with regular use. It contains carbamide peroxide, a safe alternative to hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth. It is the most important ingredient in dental whitening recommended by dentists for teeth bleaching at home. When it’s applied to the teeth, the carbamide peroxide does the bleaching through a reaction with existing stains and discoloration, changing their chemical structure so that they won’t look yellowish.  KB Purewhite Teeth Whitening Pen also contains carbomer, another teeth whitening agent that works with an oxidizing effect to make your teeth impressively clean and sparkling. On the other hand, the glycerol in this gel speeds up the whitening process and coats teeth with a thin layer to protect them from getting stained.

It’s so easy to use KB Purewhite Teeth Whitening Pen. After brushing, wipe your front teeth dry. Rotate the pen at the base to dispense gel then then apply a thin layer. Let it stay until the gel bursts into slight bubbles. Once you see the soft foam forming, keep a wide smile for 60 seconds. This means that the gel is dissolving the stubborn stains on your teeth. Do not rinse as the gel remains active after the application. Refrain from drinking or eating for 30 minutes so that the gel stays potent.  For quick results, KB Purewhite Teeth Whitening Pen should be applied twice per day for up to two weeks and for your pearly whites to stay immaculately dazzling, apply once or twice a week.


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