Beauty: Go PINK!


Rose Day Cream is waiting for you to discover a more lasting beauty.

By Flor Leano

Searching for the best skin care is like finding true love… elusive and time consuming. Promises after promises, we try what we read and heard. Sadly, not all those who swear to make our skin beautiful made us love what we see in the mirror. And so we tirelessly look for what really works best for our skin. Your search for the one that will nourish your skin will end with the sweet-smelling pink roses from the Rose Valley of Bulgaria. This freshly picked bouquet is not just a bunch of ordinary pink petals. Amazingly, buds from Rose Valley of Bulgaria have petals oozing with the nutrients that can surely nourish skin to satiny perfection. How could this happen? These roses contain the richest oil labelled by experts as “liquid gold” for having the highest concentration of natural oils that make the skin firm and fresh anytime of the day.

The good news is that Bulgarian Rose captured the goodness of these celebrated petals in Rose Day Cream that pleasurably plumps and moisturizes skin with proven mildness so it can be used daily. Rose Day Cream also contains jojoba oil that works hand in hand with rose oil to prevent pre-mature aging. Jojoba oil also protects the skin from bacteria that may cause skin irritation. Additionally, this petal cream contains natural rose oil and rose water that deeply penetrate the inner layer of the skin to repair, nourish and rejuvenate skin cells for a luminously beautiful aura. Containing Vitamins A and E, Rose Day Cream fights UV rays, reduces fine lines, and keep the skin young-looking.

Think about how this sensationally creamy beauty regimen can nourish your skin. Plus, it smells heavenly relaxing best used when you want to perk up your mood. Well, Rose Day Cream is waiting for you to discover a more lasting beauty. It doesn’t meet expectations but exceeds expectations. Get this on-line through BeautyMNL and Shopee.


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