BEAUTY: Which Hair Removal Process Suits You?



Summer is still a few weeks away, and you have enough time to remove unwanted hair. Seeing our private area and underarm clean and hair-free is very satisfying especially if your primary concern is the #OOTD.

If you’re not satisfied with the basic approach of hair removal, there’s no other time to check out other options than now. This article will shed light on the best choice when you want to prepare your bikini line, legs, arms, and underarms smooth, bump-free, and hairless.

To Shave, To Hot Wax, Or To Sugaring Wax?


This method uses a razor and can be used directly to the armpit or pubic hair. This is, by far, the easiest and cheapest way to remove hair. It is highly accessible as most drugstores have it. However, many critics have shared their negatives thoughts about shaving.


  •    Painless
  •    Cheap
  •    Accessible
  •    Easy-to-use


  •    Hair grows back quickly
  •    Hair looks thicker
  •    Cuts
  •    Chicken-skin and ingrown are possible
  •    Dark underarms due to irritation

Professional Waxing

Most skincare junkies suggest hot wax but if you’re working on a budget and have limited time, committing to this method is challenging. Although there are a lot of DIY hot waxes available, having it done by an expert is more ideal. Besides, rather than spending your own time and effort, you’re allowing yourself to get pampered. Unlike the usual shaving, your hair is removed by melting a wax until it is hot but tolerable enough. This allows easier hair removal as your pores and hair follicles are opened. Then, a special paper will be used to pull out the hair in opposite direction.


  •    Ideal for thicker hair
  •    Depending on the hair type and thickness, the hair will grow back in three to six weeks
  •    Fewer ingrown hair cases


  •    Painful
  •    Risks of wax burns

Sugaring Wax

It works almost the same as hot wax; however, rather than melting, kneading is involved. This method is perfect for those who don’t want to go out as it can take hair in seconds! No-knead wax allows you to remove hair like a pro but if you’re not a fan of DIYs, you can always look for hair removal shops that use sugaring wax.


  •    Don’t panic, it’s organic!
  •    Less painful than hot wax
  •    Sticks on dead skin cells, unlike hot wax that adheres to the live ones, thus, removing hair more effectively
  •    Gentle and effective way to exfoliate skin
  •    Easier to clean and prepare


  •    The hair should be a little longer

Whether you shave, wax or have the hair lasered, there’s a chance to face undesirable issues, including chicken skin, ingrown hair, discomfort, and chapped skin. Apart from these concerns, you may also look at the other aspects involved, such as the convenience, amount, and your commitment to it. Shaving is the most accessible alternative, however, is it really worth considering for a long time. On the other hand, the wax is favored by most but the question is – can you commit to it despite your busy schedule?

Hope this article helped you decide!


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