Beauty: Make Ecru Squad Palette Your Chic Bestie


By Flor Leano

If the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, there has to be a way to make them more expressive. The right hues and blends can create drama in your eyes but these days, it’s not enough that you look good. You’ve got to steal the scene with subtle sophistication. This is when Ecru Squad Palette by Detail Makeover comes in handy.   

Ecru Squad Palette is a chic beauty bestie that can help you make your eyes look gorgeous. It consists of fifteen posh nudes and faint shimmers all in creamy mattes you will surely adore in every glide. Look simple but elegant in Tasami Tan or Pecan or be a star with the glittery hints of Macadamia, Suntan and Bagel perfect for parties. For barely dare looks or if you want to look demure, pair up the combo of Relax Khaki and Biscuit. On the other hand, you can make a strong impression with Andiron or Buff. These and many more eye creations are possible in just one palette.

Some brands might have failed you but Ecru Squad Palette won’t. It is made of finely-milled powders that smoothly glide and completely fill the skin with fantastic pop of shades. Finely-milled powders make blending easy and guarantee minimal fallout so you can move around just the way you like it without worrying if your eyes still look fabulous.

Ecru Squad Palette ensures that your eyes look standout in whatever looks you desire. And with all the cams clicking, you must prep-up your eyes for a more captivating angle. Who knows you will be the next sensational social media discovery and can get through the trending stats. Are you ready for extreme close-ups? Well, being sensationally beautiful is just a click away. BeautyMNL has some Ecru Squad Palette stocks waiting for you.


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