BEAUTY: Why You Need To Invest In A Good Makeup Primer



Women would not mind buying the most expensive foundation but would be reluctant to buy even the cheapest makeup primer. Primer is essential in applying makeup and comes with many benefits. If you are still not using a primer, you are making one of the biggest makeup blunders!

Simply put, primers act as your makeup base. There are many brands to choose from that will suit everyone’s budget. It does not matter if it’s expensive or not so long as it works well on your skin. It comes in different forms like gel, cream, liquid and powder and the type to use would depend on your skin. Whatever type you decide to use does not really matter because they all give you the following benefits.

It helps create a clean canvas
Applying primer on the skin evens out some skin imperfections and makes it smoother and also makes the pores less visible. Makeup also glides easily over the skin to create a flawless looking skin.

Holds the makeup in place for longer hours
Using a primer helps lessen sweat production from your pores which helps the makeup to adhere to the skin for a longer period of time. It saves you time and effort from constant retouching.

Makes the skin shine free
Do you have an oily skin? Maybe it’s time to include a primer in your makeup kit. A primer has the ability to absorbs excess oil which makes the skin oil and shine free for hours.

Makes you look younger
Want to know how to look younger in an instant? Use a primer because by doing so, fine lines and wrinkles will be less visible. A primer reveals a smoother and more youthful skin.

Keeps the skin hydrated
Most primers contain hydrating ingredients to help combat dryness on your face. This makes the skin look moisturize throughout the day and gives it a healthy glow. 


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