Beauty: The Perfect Lipstick Shade To Flatter Every Skin Tone



Using makeup is a part of every girl’s life. Among all these cosmetic products, lipstick is a staple in every makeup kit. While it is tempting to try all the colors, it is important to know that not all shades will compliment every skin tone.

Finding the perfect lipstick shade for you can be both exciting and frustrating. And going to make up counters without any idea as to what color to pick can even add to your confusion. You might be aiming for the classic red lips only to find out that this doesn’t look good on Asian skin. Orange looks good on some people but not anyone can pull it off.

The right lipstick shade will make your face glow and prevent it from looking washed out. But the challenge is how to find the one that suits your skin color? Below are some helpful tips for finding your perfect lip shade.

Fair or Light Skin
Having a white skin is a huge advantage because any color looks good with this skin color. To give a hint of color to your almost pale skin, try lip colors in shades of coral, light pink, nudes, and beige. Bright reds will also compliment your white skin tone and will create a clean and polished look.

Medium Skin
One of the advantages of having medium skin color is the ability to rock bold lip colors. Be sure to try neon orange and hot pink on your next date night and you are sure to set some hearts on fire. For those who are not a fan of funky colors, you may try deep mauve as this color is also perfect for your skin color.

Dark Skin
Compliment dark skin by wearing lip color in copper brown. Red is a universal color that looks sultry on women with dark skin. Add a hint of glitter on top of your lipstick for a more dramatic look. 


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