Beauty: Reasons Why Filipina Loves Skin Whitening Products



Although it sounds unfair, no one can deny the fact that having white skin is advantageous. In fact, it gives you a lot of privileges that most brown-skinned women or morena wish to have. Being the center of attention is nothing new and at some point, it gives you the quick boost of confidence you desire.

Basically, Filipinos are born with sun-kissed skin but instead of being proud about it, the standards set by the society have told otherwise. Being white or mestiza is always associated with beauty, thus, more and more Filipinas are becoming obsessed with skin whitening products. After all, even those who we admire are taking extra miles to become white – most of which are committing to expensive bleaching procedures.  If you’re planning to have a milky white-skin but you’re not sure whether it’s the right decision or not, this article will help you decide.

Benefits Of Using Skin Whitening Products

Most skin whitening essentials contain an active ingredient derived from a certain species of mushroom. Kojic acid, which is one of the most popular and safest components, lightens the skin by reducing the production of melanin. It is almost effective for everyone, regardless of their skin type. The same thing goes with mulberry; the tiny plant with purple-colored fruits work just like kojic acid. It diminishes the production rate of melanin, thus, making your skin lighter. However, study shows that its root bark extracts are more effective than the kojic acid. It also improves skin condition by reducing the appearance of fine lines in the face area.

One of the reasons why a person’s skin turns brown is because of the UV rays. Fortunately, skin whitening products now include a very potent skin lightening agent known as Alpha Arbutin. Its work is impeccable when it comes to reducing the tan after exposing the skin to UV radiation, promoting even skin tone, and improving the appearance of liver spots.

Meanwhile, most skin lightening creams also include glutathione. The ingredient has made an uproar in the cosmetic industry because it works in multiple ways. Primarily, it gives a fairer looking skin while lightening unwanted scars (because who wouldn’t want that?) Working as an antioxidant, the component also contributes to the improvement of the health and complexion of the skin by getting rid of unnecessary free radicals. The best part is – many products come with a reasonable price!

As we all know, skin is the largest organ and there’s no such thing as easy maintenance. Taking care of it is very important, thus, it should be a priority. Nevertheless, being morena or mestiza doesn’t define you. As long as you are happy, then go on doing what you want — even if it means having your skin bleached or taking skin lightening supplements. 


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