BEAUTY: How To Do A Rose Gold Smokey Eyes



Everyone is addicted to rose gold. When it comes to beauty and fashion, Rose gold is also a big hit. There will always be a new trend but there are just some classic looks that can’t be replaced by fads. Smokey eyes are timeless. It is a classic look that everyone wants to learn and try. In fact, it has evolved from being used on special occasions and night outs to an everyday makeup. Achieving smokey eyes can be done using any eye shadow color. Smokey refers to the technique and not the color itself. Here are the steps on how to recreate your look with a Rose Gold smokey eyes.

  1. Put a good makeup base on your lids. This will hold your eye makeup in place and will make blending easier. Eye makeup base comes in different forms like cream and liquid but they all served the same purpose and that is to make the color pop out and hold the makeup in place for a longer time.
  2. Choose a shade of pink eye shadow and spread evenly on your eye lids. It can be matte or frosted so long as it is a shade of Pink.
  3. Use a darker shade on the outer corners of your eyes. Use metallic gold and blend with a black shadow. Invest in a good blending brush especially if you are into smokey eye effects. Blend evenly until you get the desired smokey effect.
  4. Use black eye liner to define your eyes. Make sure your hands are not shaky when using your eyeliner to achieve perfectly lined eyelids. Curl your lashes and apply a black You may also opt for falsies if you want longer and thicker lashes.
  5. Clean your face fromany fall off. You can use wet wipes to remove excess makeup and then put a little foundation in the area. Use a finishing powder for the finale.


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