BEAUTY: Sheet Mask: Yay or Nay?



BEAUTY: Sheet Mask: Yay or Nay?

If only quality sheet masks are cheap, then it is advisable to put on sheet masks everyday.
Sheet masks can be the shortcut to the beauty routines you do everyday. Instead of putting essence, serums, moisturizers, and day creams, sheet mask can be the alternative.

But choosing the right sheet mask is a tough job for the masks differ in purposes. There are masks that will moisturize, other will prevent skin aging, there are also for brightening and whitening. But wait, there’s more – the art of sheet masking will be a trial and error until you find a suitable sheet mask that will work on your face. Nonetheless, the power of sheet masks equate to moisturizing, essence, serums and face creams. Only that it causes a little too pricey for everyday use.

Sheet masking is definitely a good and healthy way to revitalize the skin.


  1. Love it! i saw Ashley Oslen wearing soitehmng very similar and i’ve been trying to pull it off…but don’t know if i will succeed, but u look great! xx


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