Beauty: Tips to Pretty up your Lips


By Flor Leano

Lips beautifully soft and nourished look exquisitely plump and perfectly luscious. Lippies also glide smoothly on them. But the sun, weather, and some lip products can make them dry, chapped, and painful. Ever wonder why they are so sensitive? Lips are covered with a very thin layer skin and not protected by oil glands that keep the skin moist. Besides, they are always exposed so they are prone to dehydration.

When lips dry up and crack, even the most expensive lipstick can’t pretty them up. That is why it needs a bit more care. Here are some easy-to-do tips to kiss dry and flaky lips goodbye.
Drink more water – Water hydrates the body as well as the lips. The moment you drink water, they get a fair share of it and instantly plumps up. Cold and windy weather zaps moisture fast, so you need to drink more water during breezy months.
Take Vitamin E supplement – Vitamin E moisturizes and keeps lips soft and supple. It also shields skin from the rays of the sun. Since it is a potent anti-oxidant, it prevents sagging in the mouth area.
Check the ingredients of your lip balms – Lip salve can provide healing for the lips but it can do more harm if it contains flavors and scents that induce licking of the lips.
This bad habit leaves acidic enzymes that can accelerate drying of lips. Besides, flavors and scents can cause irritation and allergy that can worsen lip issues.
Find Shea and cocoa butter in your lip balms – Shea butter is an ideal ingredient for lip balms as it contains A and E that can soothe and moisturize chapped lips. Cocoa butter can also moisturize lips plus it can lock in moisture for a long-time so you don’t have to keep on applying lip balms throughout the day.

Exfoliate your lips regularly – Remove unsightly old dry skin with a gentle and natural lip scrub consisting olive oil and sugar. These two can be combined and massaged gently to the lips to reveal alluring pouts.
Try healing balms – To soothe and heal chapping lips, try something extra
moisturizing with well-known healing properties like Egyptian Magic Cream which boasts18 skin-nourishing ingredients including pure natural oils like sweet almond, rosehips, elemi (pili), virgin coconut, Jojoba.


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