Beginner’s Guide: Your First Beauty Kit



Make-up might seem daunting at first but sooner or later it becomes a breeze to use and master. No one was perfect from the first try and it definitely takes a lot of practice but it is a way to express oneself and just be creative. On the other hand, make-up can give you that little push to be more confident for memorable events like job interviews, dates, and more. So, for the beginners out there here are some must-haves for your first beauty kit.


Start off with a primer. Primers come in different kinds but to find out the best for you check your skin first, do you have oily skin or dry skin? Does your face need a little brightening? It all depends. The main use of a primer is to prep your skin and help make-up last longer. Basically, think of it as the boundary between your skin care and make-up.

BB Cream and Tinted Moisturizers

Foundation can be a little tricky and it is quite challenging to check which shade matches your skin. So, I recommend practicing with BB creams or tinted moisturizers first because it evens out your skin tone but it still gives your skin space to breathe. BB Creams and tinted moisturizers are also the way to go for a natural, glowy look and not too over the top. Don’t forget to brush a little bit of face powder to prevent your cream products from slipping and sliding throughout the day.

Nude Palette and Mascara

Applying eyeshadows can also be tricky but the key here is to start with a nude palette with a touch of shimmer. Another plus with using shimmery eyeshadow is that you can apply it with your fingers with minimal blending. Just top it off with mascara to complete the look.

Cheek and Lip Stain

Bring back the color to your face by adding a dash of cheek stain. Cheek stains last longer on the face and it can double as a lip stain too for that natural yet fresh look. There are plenty of colors to choose too! So don’t be afraid to try and see what suits you the most.
Here are your must-haves for your first beauty kit, dare to mix and match and just be adventurous of your looks. The make-up world is your oyster!


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