Health and Wellness: Ease Stress with Scents


By Flor Leano

A stressful day does not always have to end with never-ending complaints which complicate things. Have you ever noticed that your heart beats faster when you continuously talk about negative issues? It’s because of the adrenaline rush. Notice too that after your trash talk, you feel so drained, not relieved. So when you had a verbal bout with a co-worker or your boss, it might be even better if you sit and get a dose of aromatherapy.

You can simply smell or gently massage lavender, vanilla and rosemary-scented oils on your scalp and temples and their soothing smell can improve your mood. Using them as massage oil in scent combinations like lavender-vanilla or rosemary vanilla can make them more potent in dealing with your mood swings or depression. If you have them fresh, cut them up so you can make your own potpourri in your room.


For stress relief, the most popular essential oil is lavender. Its pleasant, light and balmy aroma cools down a bad mood. Since it has a minty scent, just a hint of it calms the senses. As a proof, the Journal of Advance Nursing shows a report of alleviation of anxiety and mood improvement among thirty-six ICU patients who received lavender oil aromatherapy. If you have stress-related headache, lavender can also ease the throbbing.


The comforting sweet vanilla scent send sedative effects to the brain that help reduce tension and depression. When you are feeling sad, a whiff of vanilla can trigger the emotion center of the brain so you will feel instantly perked up. Vanilla can also induce sleep and help people suffering from mild sleep disorders and insomnia.


When you need a boost of energy due to stress, rosemary is an excellent choice. It has a refreshing scent that cools and calms your body and mind. The clear and herbaceous scent of rosemary can lighten your heavy emotional load. Aside from these, freshly-cut sprigs of rosemary are thought to help keep one’s senses focused and alert with their invigorating scent.


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