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The stunning KIM ROSS WILLIAMS at MERCATOR Models teams up with fashion photographer EDWARD KEELER for the latest ATVC EXCLUSIVE story. In charge of beauty were makeup artist MAIKE SOGUECO and hair stylist IWA AJINOMOTO. Styling by PATRICK HENRY MERGANO.

“When a door closes, another one opens” is a common sympathetic line offered to persons who lost an opportunity but Kim Ross Williams didn’t need any words of compassion for there had already been several doors who rolled out red carpets even before she had been robbed off of the chance to pass through the door of Binibining Pilipinas. For Kim, it was a positive moment to remember as she could look back to it and think of what had been, and that opportunity became the reason to realize the pathway to what will be. To close one chapter means to start a new one and Kim would like to take her time, turning the page one by one.


Kim Ross Williams, a young Filipina who once took over the social media scene when all the headlines associated her name with the Binibining Pilipinas disqualification. She was one of the front runners, an early favorite and many expected she would take home the crown. Unexpectedly, she never had the chance to step foot on the stage.

Surprised and dismayed were the initial reaction of many. People were questioning the decision, raising points of dispute but Kim, contrary to what people thought, had accepted her faith wholeheartedly. The disqualification wasn’t a fallback – not even a disappointment, rather, it was a learning experience as well as an awakening; a chance to discover what Kim wanted the most – and to let go of one thing in order to gain something.

In the end, Kim realized, the world of pageantry wasn’t the universe she wanted to be in. Because what kept pulling her heartstrings was her love for modelling. And as she turns another page of her book, she is welcomed by another exhilarating chapter.

DESIGNER:Russ Cuevas

Kim Ross Williams, a force to be reckoned with, has been dominating the modeling industry by storm, working continuously in and out of the country – enhancing her craft. But Kim wasn’t Kim Ross Williams overnight – she had to experience climbing up the ladder by intensifying her craft and adapting to versatility.

Because Kim is from the Philippines, understanding how the modeling industry worked was a little bit easier. According to her, once a company got to work with someone and built a relationship of professionalism and trust, it would be an instant connection and the work would flow through. But working for international brands, companies or products in different countries had been both a challenge and a blessing.

“You always start at the bottom”

she said. In every country she would like to work in, it would always mean she needed to start all over again – working her way up to the ladder. And in the process, she improves, learns, and enhances herself.

But even though she have achieved much, the relentless pursuit to improve and better herself continues as her experiences programmed her to strive even more. She has a fair share of ups and downs, risk takings and sacrifices. And the hopes of realizing a seemingly forgotten dream is now in reach.


In the past, when Kim was given a choice, she chose her family in a heartbeat, putting what they need as her top priority and giving up her opportunity to study. But as she grows older and the roadblocks had been cleared; Kim is ready to flip another page – of going back to school and finishing her studies and realizing her dream.

With all that’s currently going on in Kim’s book, she stays as simple and as humble as she can be. And as a Filipina with a packed schedule, Kim makes sure she cleanses and moisturizes her face every day. And even though she usually sports heavy makeup during photoshoots; Kim wants to stay as natural as she can be with just a little tap to cover dark circles, a touch of curl on her lashes and filling just the right amount of color in her eyebrows.

And although many will probably be envious because Kim doesn’t follow any strict diet, many can also relate to her as she believes every day is cheat day. She eats as much as she wants but she makes sure she exercises.

In reality, Kim experiences the best of both worlds – the dazzling elegant but busy life of a model clad in various designer clothes and a life filled with good food munching whatever she wants while she’s comfortably clothed in her pair of pajamas.

And as she blossoms into one of the most sought after models of her generation, Kim Ross Williams still has plenty more pages to fill in her book, and she’ll take her time, unveiling the stories one by one – be it a detour or happy time. Because as she turns a page, she’ll write one too – the chapters of her life and everything in between.


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