FASHION: How To Achieve A Rose Gold Hair



If there is a color that definitely made an impact in the world of beauty and fashion for this year, it will be the color Rose Gold. The combination of cool Pink tones and warm Gold hints make it a perfect combination.

If you check your Instagram feeds, you will be overwhelmed with almost everything in Rose Gold. From gadgets to makeups, to clothes, to shoes, and even hair color! Having a Rose Gold hair color is an alternative to the usual colors that we see in salons. It is not dark but is not too bright either. This color can get attention not because it’s striking but because it looks subtle. The color is so feminine yet so classy. So how can we achieve a Rose Gold hair color? Follow these simple steps to achieve that pinkish gold hair.

For those who are legally blonde, we just envy you! You can skip the first step and go on to the next one. If your hair is on the darker side like brown or black, bleaching is required. You will need to redo bleaching until you achieve a light blonde. Always go to your trusted hair stylist to do bleaching of your hair.

Pick a red or pink hair dye and apply evenly on your blonde hair. How dark or how light the red shade would depend on your preference. Just make sure that the red and gold pigments are blended well so that no color overpower the other one.

Once you have achieved your hair goals, make sure that you take proper steps so that the color will last longer. Opt for a sulfate free shampoo to prevent the color from being strip off easily. Also, try to avoid shampooing too often so that the vibrant color stays longer. Use hair treatments regularly like coconut oil to revive your hair and prevent further damage, split ends and dryness.


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