Health and Wellness: Anti-Aging Fruits that Work Miracle on Your Skin


The most potent anti-aging can be found in a bowl of fresh fruits. Have some!

By Flor Leano

Need a powerful anti-aging for your sagging skin? Boost your skin care routine with a delicious bowl of mouth-watering mix of fruits enriched with nutrients that will make your skin firm, young and glowing. Research shows that fruits stop the aging clock from ticking to an embarrassing reality. The richer their colors, the higher amount of nutrients they contain.

So, these are the common fruits we see in fruit baskets that we often ignore. Find out their unique anti-aging ingredients. Next time you see them, have some and let their natural goodness work miracle on your skin.


Papaya is lauded for its rich papain content and has become everyone’s most trusted whitening component in cosmetics. But papain is not just effective in skin lightening but also an essential enzyme in skin renewal as it fights free radicals that cause cell damage. Additionally papain helps in exfoliating dead cells, fights acne and softens skin. Therefore, regular consumption of Papaya can keep the skin clearer, fairer and younger.


This summer fruit is a refreshing way to keep the skin young-looking. Consisting mostly of water, it’s a perfect hydrating slice that instantly relieves dry and dull skin. Most importantly, watermelon is packed with lycopene, a powerful anti-oxidant that also has the ability to defend skin against UV radiation largely because lycopene has the ability to block UV light.


You’ve got no reason to stop drinking lemonade as you age. You need more of this tangy drink as it contains Vitamin C which is necessary in the formation of collagen in the body. As we age, our body’s ability to produce collagen slows down so we get sagging and wrinkling skin. Vitamin C boosts collagen synthesis for a luminously firm skin.


Hailed as a super food, avocado is loaded with nutrients all considered beneficial to the skin and general well-being. Avocado oil or oleic acid has unbeatable anti-aging properties and treats dry, flaky skin and sunburn. Used regularly, avocado oil can reduce the appearance of minor sun damage and age spots which are obvious signs of aging. Besides, the high protein levels found in avocado oil combined with the various amino acids in this sumptuous fruit help in tissue regeneration and cell renewal. Containing Vitamins A and D, Avocado oil can promote collagen production and slows down the aging process.

Cantaloupe (Melon)

Eating this luscious fruit is very beneficial in keeping our skin healthy and radiant because of the presence of Vitamin E and Vitamin K in it. Cantaloupes are around 90% water so they can keep our skin well hydrated. Make this one of your favorite fruits because it is a good source of a number of anti-oxidants such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, carotenoids and phytochemicals so it protects our skin from oxidative damage caused by the free radicals.


Berries are relatively smaller than other fruits but contain unbelievable amount of anti-aging properties such as Vitamin C and one of the natural sources of alpha hydroxyl acids that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. They keep skin cells healthy and enhance skin’s moisture to keep it soft and firm.


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