Health and Wellness: Eat Right for a More Beautiful Skin


Whatever you eat will reflect on your skin.

By Flor Leano

Most people know that they have to eat nutritious food to have a glowing skin. But in front of a sugar-coated doughnut, icy-cold soda and fancy-flavored margarita, indulgence becomes too strong to resist. Of course, popular creams and remedies can help in dealing with skin dryness, pimples, wrinkles and other skin problems. But your skin needs nourishment inside and out. Whatever you eat will reflect on your skin.

So, these are some of the food and beverages that you should avoid and their bad effects on your skin. Some of the healthier substitutes are already given for you to have an idea on how to modify your diet.


When people talk about sweets, they immediately think of cake, candies, and desserts. Sugary food is not limited to desserts but also includes energy bars, canned fruits, flavoured bottled tea, sodas, and bottled and powdered juices. So, what happens when we consume too much sugar? First, sugar-rich food disrupts collagen production. Collagen is a substance that keeps skin tight and radiant. Second, prolonged high-sugar diet can activate the enzyme that eat up the healthy collagen leaving behind fragments of collagen. As a result, collagen fragments will get confused and stop producing collagen making your skin dull and saggy. In short, you will get wrinkles and look older.

Healthier substitute: Try making a fresh choice. Discover the flavours of a wide array of fresh fruits to end your meal and to satisfy your sugary cravings.


Surprisingly, milk and dairy products make the skin too oily which clog the pores and cause skin inflammation, a breeding ground for P. acnes bacteria. Milk also produces more insulin in the liver that encourages the growth of acne especially among the teens.

Healthier substitute: If you really need to drink milk, there are non-dairy alternatives such as rice, almond and cashew milk. You can also try raw goat’s milk.


While hamburgers come with fresh veggies nowadays, these do not make them less harmful to the skin. Fatty meat generates free radicals that damage healthy cells and affect your skin’s ability to generate collagen.

Healthier substitute:  Skinless chicken and turkey or fish fillet are leaner substitutes you can pick for meals especially with generous servings of vegetables and Vitamin C-rich fruits for dessert.


Drinking a glass of alcohol-based drinks here and there isn’t bad for the skin but don’t make it a daily habit. Alcohol acts as a diuretic, meaning, it draws out liquid from the body. Less fluid can lead to dehydration and take away the natural moisture from the skin making it look dull and dry.

Healthier substitute:  If you want relax after a stressful day, try a cup of tea instead of a foamy beer. You may choose from green tea, peppermint tea or passion flower tea. These types of tea are proven to make you feel relaxed. They also help you ease depression.


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