Health and Wellness: See the Difference in Vitamin C

Get a daily dose of Vitamin C for a more beautiful skin
Get a daily dose of Vitamin C for a more beautiful skin.

By Flor Leano

Vitamin C is nature’s most reliable bounty that ensures good health. But squeezing lemons and oranges will not just keep colds away. Studies show that Vitamin C can also brighten and tighten skin. No wonder, cosmetics and supplements captured its purest essence to give safe and effective health and beauty products that can solve skin problems without fear of side-effects.

How can Vitamin C really benefit the skin? First, it clears the face from acne. Environmental toxins and bacteria disturb the normal pH of the skin and make it acidic. If the skin is too acidic, it becomes oily and prone to pimple-causing bacteria. When there is a bacterial attack, the immune system works pronto to counter the effect. But the pimple-causing bacteria redirect the counter attack to the healthy skin making it look inflamed and reddish. This is when Vitamin C works at its best. It calms the immune system, zaps the bacteria on its own and prevents further damage to the healthy skin.

Vitamin C is also potent enough to treat hyperpigmentation which causes ugly dark skin patches. As a result, you spend more time applying creams and foundation on your skin to look even-toned and flawless. We all think that sunscreens, hats, and scarves can protect us from hyperpigmentation. But the sun and heat are too penetrating to trigger the production of melanin. And once you start to notice signs of hyperpigmentation, it’s difficult to remove spots. That’s why it’s necessary to put more Vitamin C in your system to protect your skin from UV and environmental damage. With this vitamin, tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the over-production of melanin remains under control.

Most of all, Vitamin C plays a key role in collagen production. Collagen boasts a powerful skin-firming action on the skin. It instantly lifts sagging skin, plumps fine lines and leaves the skin supple and super smooth. Without collagen, we look older so we’ve got to get a regular dose of Vitamin C by eating fruits, drinking juices, taking supplements and even using cosmetics enriched with Vitamin C. These are products you can rely on so your skin and body can get nourished with Vitamin C.

KB Rosehips – This supplement contains rich concentration of pure rosehips proven to contain Vitamin C. Daily intake of KB Rosehips supplements stimulates a brighter, healthier and more glowing complexion. It also helps in preventing hyperpigmentation and protects skin from toxins.

Secret Key Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel – This product offers gentle exfoliation by softly removing dead skin cells. Containing lemon extract, it makes the skin look luminous and fresh. Lemon is a natural skin cleanser, reduces pores and makes skin smoother.

KB Dermafirm Vitamin C Peeling Gel – This is the best solution for skin dryness and dark circles. It contains high amount of Vitamin C that prevents blemishes and helps revive skin cells for young-looking skin. 


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