Health & Wellness: The Best Iced Cold Coffee for Summer


By Flor Leano

Summer is the best time to walk down the beach to flaunt your curves. You definitely worked hard just to stay in shape. That is why you have to be careful with the drinks that you gulp and the food that you eat. Go easy with soda, ladies’ drinks, chips and sweets frequently served during beach parties. And don’t forget to pack in Mejie Slimming Coffee with Collagen before going to the beach. Consider it as a summer essential, too. It’s a wiser choice than having flavoured coffee with lots of sugar, cream, artificial flavors and toppings that will just make you fatter.

Mejie Slimming Coffee has L-Carnitine, Garcina Cambogia Extract and green tea which are all proven to make you the center of attraction at the beach. Research shows that L-Carnitine boosts your metabolism and multiplies the calories that you burn, so you will look slimmer. Garcina Cambogia, on the other hand, suppresses your appetite. It slows down the hunger warning in the brain so that you will feel full. In that way, you will not indulge in sinful plates full of carbs and oil no matter how tempting they look. Aside from increasing metabolism in the body, green tea breaks down fats because of its caffeine content. Additionally, Mejie Slimming Coffee is sweetened with Stevia, a natural sweetener without calories so it’s absolutely better than the usual table sugar. And to complete your summer look, this slimming coffee contains collagen to make you defy age.

Since the heat is intense these days, iced coffee is in. You can also drink iced Mejie Slimming Coffee. Simply pour one sachet in a tall glass with a little hot water. Stir until bubbles form then drop in some ice and cold water. No need to add milk because it already contains non-dairy creamer. Stir well again and enjoy. You can also bring iced Mejie Slimming Coffee in style at the beach. Pour one sachet in a tumbler with ice. Shake it well and slowly sip it while parading down the beach or pool.


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