Maintain a good hair day everyday



There are bad hair days – and sometimes they fall on the most important events. But how can one maintain a good hair day everyday?

There are several ways you can ensure you’ll have the best hair on every occasion.

Hair salon. Application of cosmetics.

1. Color only when needed.

Hair colors in different hues are the on going social trend. From blonde, to green, blue, pink and even gray are taking the world by storm and people are jumping into the bandwagon. Who wouldn’t? Hair colors can a person stand out or even enhance one’s beauty. But it’s fallback results to damaged hair. Try as much as possible to pick the color you really want and prevent from dyeing your hair every year. Always have your hair treated after you dye it.
2. Invest in good hair products.
Don’t just shampoo or condition your hair. You need hair products that deliver the best quality.
3. Hair mask
Choose a hair mask that suits your hair type. You can apply it once or twice a week to ensure the best effects.
4. Maintain a good relationship with a stylist that works best for you
Avoid changing hairstyles, rather, find and stick to the one who you find works best with your hair. Most often than not, many people will jump from one salon to the other just to get a hair cut or treatment. It is okay to explore but it will be better if you will be loyal to the one you know that has already given you the best treatment.
5. Limit the styling tools
Hair dryer is the problem solver for everyday routine. But using too much heat products can definitely damage one’s hair. There are other ways you can dry your hair without having to rely on hair dryers. One way is to dry it using the electric fans or even naturally letting it dry with a towel. 


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