Marjan Nassiri : To Dream is to Take Detours


By | Nesthyne Eusebio

To dream is to wonder what lies ahead, to dream is to have fallen expectations in the process – a detour or even a dead end but to strive harder even after a series of downfalls. And to dream is something each person can do whatever the outcome may be for dreams are beginnings of a life-long challenge and is already half of the success. For Dr. Marjan Nasirri, her dream of becoming a dentist wasn’t what she originally aspired and her journey to reach for it was a bumpy ride.
The idea of entering the field of Dentistry was first introduced by Marjan’s mom – it was a hopeful perspective but not something implied or insisted. Marjan was advised to follow what her heart desires.


“I shifted two times.” There was not a hint of regret when the beautiful dentist from Manila revealed the choices she had made during her college years. It may seem a different path but to draw a cartoon and be a part of the Pixar team is what Marjan’s little self dreamt of becoming. Her inclinations on the field of arts pushed her to try and enter the world of advertising but somewhere along the way, she made a detour and changed to interior design.
She spent four semesters mulling over her decisions but one simple day paved a path to a beginning of a new dream. She wanted to be a partner for change – a person that can bring many smiles to various people and she realized that all along – Dentistry was her calling. It was an utter surprise for all but Marjan’s family showered her with happiness and support. And so her journey to her new found goal began with ease but somewhere along the day, the route to the finish line wasn’t all that paved.


“The ICU became my study area,” It was a revelation Marjan was willing to share because one of the biggest obstacles she had gone through was when her mom was on the verge of death. It was a tough time juggling the difficulties in her studies while going through the constant worry she felt for her family but the series of trials didn’t make Marjan’s determination falter. The ordeal has given her courage and determination to push through and to strive even harder – not just for herself but for her whole family as well.
But like a normal student, there were times she was on the edge of giving up. The failures she encountered lured her to surrender. One thing has kept Marjan on persisting to find the end of the road – her dream, her mother’s dream. And though her mother may not have witnessed the culminating of their wish; Marjan was still overjoyed for her family cheered, supported and waited for at the finish line.
Somewhere along her journey, it made her realized the purpose finding the finish line; it was because at the end of the line, many people were waiting for her. The purpose she had been longing to see came to view as her abilities and strengths are the answers to many people’s questions and troubles.



“Just dream, don’t stop until you fulfill your dreams.” That’s what Dr. Marjan Nasirri always tells herself for dreams are already the pathway to success and even though the road might seem arduous, bear in mind the reason why you started and everything will fall in to place.
She may have failed many times, chosen different paths and made wrong decisions along the way and the detour she had chosen let her walked through a mountain of trials and disappoints. But when she had overcome and survived the tests, it lead her to a valley of greens.

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