Must Try: Bee Choo Origin Purity Scalp Hair Shampoo and Conditioner


“A pump of herbal essences to pamper your locks…”

By Flor Leano

The ideal shampoo and conditioner for your hair sadly doesn’t come from the testimonial of a woman touching her salon-tailored hair. Bee Choo Origin has a better way to pick your hair wash and probably there isn’t anything much better than Scalp Scan. This breakthrough bares the truth about your scalp and hair and offers herbal options that sumptuously give the miracle that your hair and scalp need.

Dandruff, itchiness, greying hair and hair loss could have been solved earlier if you knew what’s really causing them. That is why Bee Choo Origin encourages people to go through the Scalp Scan. But the thrill does not end in knowing the biting reality about your hair because you can get a bowl of nutrient-infused herbal treatment that Bee Choo Origin especially concocted to breathe new life into your crowning glory.After the herbal hair treatment, you can’t insist on the Bee Choo Origin hair products you’d like to purchase. The staff will give only what your hair needs. If your Scalp Scan revealed that you’ve got oily hair, you’ll get Purity Scalp Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. To give an end to oiliness, Purity Scalp Hair Shampoo contains Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice that washes off excessive oil build-up on the scalp to prevent dandruff. Plus, it contains Hydrolized Keratin that strengthens hair from within and locks in moisture to make hair healthier, shinier, and bouncier and Glycerine that strengthens the hair to prevent split ends. Meanwhile, Purity Scalp Hair Conditioner contains lactic acid that relaxes hair strands to prevent frizz making it more manageable and Hydrolyzed Soy Protein that keeps the hair moisturized for a sensationally beautiful hair with silky-smooth finish. The Panthenol in this herbal conditioner deeply penetrates the scalp to retain moisture and coats each hair strand with a thin film for extra volume and long-lasting glassy effect.

With all these hair and scalp benefits, you should be finding a way to experience pumping a palmful of herbal essences to pamper your locks. But don’t look at your fave shampoo and conditioner with disdain. You can still use them alternately with Bee Choo Origin Purity Scalp Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. This will make your herbal shampoo and conditioner twice effective because daily use can make the hair less receptive to their benefits. For more details, check Bee Choo Origin’s website at


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