Organic and Natural Online Store in the Philippines: Greenrose Beauty is now open


Greenrose Beauty, an  organic and natural online beauty store in the Philippines  is now open.

Good news for those who love and use organic and natural products as this affordable organic and natural online store will give them access to an array of harmful chemical-free skincare products.

Greenrose Beauty had its soft opening last month via social media campaigns and now open at Lizzie Oren, the store owner said using organic products has changed her life.

“Since I have been using organic I haven’t been sick in a couple years,” Lizzie Said said.

And she wants to pass on the organic lifestyle to others.

“I mean it’s a business but it is about the people and about the product and providing something to the people that they do not really realize is an option and then there are people that know about it but there are only few access to it” Lizzie said.

In the quickly developing organic and natural products and beauty sector, Greenrose Beauty promises to provide a hand-picked selection of the most advanced, organic and natural brands from the Philippines.

Brand selection involves meeting criteria, which guarantees products are free of unwanted synthetic chemicals and deliver only quality and affordable organic and natural products.
Greenrose Beauty will showcase product categories such as affordable organic and natural products like skin and hair care products and other healthy food and beverages, a one stop shop for all your organic or natural beauty requirements.
Greenrose Beauty online store is also offering FREE delivery when you purchase P799 until this month of April.
You will surely love the organic and natural products that this organic and natural online store offers.


  1. i just purchased a greenrose rosehip oil online and contrary to what I’ve read that it should be vibrant orange in color, mine i a CLEAR, COLORLESS OIL! And the packaging was not even sealed! May I know your thoughts about this please?


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