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Even at a first glance and even without long introduction, Patricia Tumulak will fit into the qualification of a beauty queen—slim, smart, and sophisticated. At the beauty pageant ramps, she sparkled like a gem with her outstanding features especially when she joined Ms. Earth 2009 where she received the Miss Science and Technology award and was crowned Miss Philippines Fire. Truly beautiful inside and out, she was appointed and given the title of Miss Multiverse Philippines 2014 and represented the Philippines at the Miss Multiverse International 2014 pageant on November 24 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Unlike other beauty queens, though, she has had advocacies even before joining and winning beauty pageants.  Prior to joining Miss Philippines Earth 2009, she went to a public school and did some voluntary teaching. Nowadays, amid her busy schedule, she continues her advocacy in helping children.

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“Children should be part of our advocacies as beauty queens because we serve as an inspiration to everyone especially to our future leaders,”

Patricia explains. Having genuine compassion for kids started to develop when she was still young. It has always been her dream to become a teacher since childhood. Besides, she had great teachers in grade school as her role models. As she matured, her dream of becoming a teacher grew more and more. And so, she followed her heart in college and graduated with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Education Minor in Special Education at Miriam College.  “I love working with children and find that teaching is a rewarding profession for me. I want to make my students believe that their hopes and dreams are within their reach” she adds.

Related to teaching children, Patricia also advocates reading and conducts a reading class every week. “Reading is fun! It develops your creativity and imagination. It is the cheapest way to travel, you are able to experience places, learn about different cultures and people without even traveling. Reading uplifts my mood! A good book will help you forget about your problems for a while,” she says with zest.

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Teaching could have been the only profession she would enjoy doing but her simple life encountered a remarkable twist when she started joining pageants. Her mom’s encouragement helped her realize her potential in beauty competitions. She admitted that she never liked joining pageants but did it so because of her mom. On the other hand, she also acknowledged that joining beauty competitions taught her how to appreciate her beauty and take care of herself more by working out and eating right. It helped her improve her social skills and increased her confidence, too.

Her queenly looks; however, was not only meant for pageants. The glitzy world of show business opened its doors for her and gave her a promising career. She became a part of Eat Bulaga and had the chance to show her acting prowess in I Heart Davao  and Super Ma’am.  Now that she is a TV personality, she sees herself evolving as she is able to find out her hidden talents.  “I used to by shy when I was little, being in the industry helped me boost my confidence when dealing with people. I learned to communicate to people more effectively.  Besides, acting is a good outlet to relieve stress. It’s a great opportunity to express feelings. You read scripts and pretend to be the characters you read about. You use your creativity, imagination and skill on acting and I find it fun! Being able to meet and work with your idols and actors and seeing their passion for the craft are very inspiring,” she further expounds.

She thinks that being beautiful does not necessarily mean outer beauty. She stressed that a woman’s beauty will truly shine if she has a genuine heart, positive headstrong personality, intelligence and confidence. Her everyday kikay kit always contains rubbing alcohol, lip balm, sunscreen and perfume. Without these beauty tools, she will never step out home. For women to look fab and lovely, her best beauty advice is to always practice proper hygiene and cleanliness. To keep up her looks, she always wears makeup at work and when she gets home she makes sure to remove it immediately, then cleanse, tone and moisturize her skin. But to be ready for the limelight all the time, she stays hydrated and recommends drinking eight glasses of water everyday. Unlike other beauty queens who consider food and sweets as destructive temptations, she said that food makes her happy. “I indulge in food but I make sure I get all the healthy nutrients I need for the day and burn it the following day,” she confesses. And to keep her queenly looks, she works out but switches up her workout to keep her muscle guessing. Her fitness training ranges from HIIT, circuit, spin class, boxing, pilates, yoga to cardio.

Patricia seems to be unstoppable now and all geared up to achieve more in life. And to motivate others to keep on chasing their dreams, this is what she shared:


“Never compare yourself with anyone. Just focus on yourself on ways how you can improve yourself. Commit to growing a little bit each day. It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop! You can learn and find inspiration to other people. If they can do it so can you.”

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