Exclusives: Sirene Sutton Sizzles Anew



ATVC Features the stunning Model Sirene Sutton for Decemeber 2017 Exclusives, captured by fashion photographer Edward Keeler. In charge of styling was Dan Fernando, with makeup from beauty artist Robin Medina, and hair styling by Iwa Ajinomoto.

Undeniably, Sirene Sutton is worthy of lensmen’s attention. Why not? She is photogenic in every angle and seemingly bears the aura of an aristocrat giving her a grand entrance on the runways. She always flashes a smile of conviction and her eyes dart with determination. There might be people here and there who would comment about the expectations she did not meet but like a queen, she faces her critics with poise and grace. She isn’t the type who will make a fuss out of catty remarks and said that she is open to constructive criticisms so that she could learn and gain new perspectives.
At the age of twenty-three, she has had personal, modeling and pageant achievements on her cap. She is a proud holder of a degree in Marketing Management from Southville International College, one of the best international schools in the Philippines. Not all models are able to finish their studies because of their oftentimes tight schedules but she managed to get one and that makes her admirable. As a professional ramp and runway model, she has walked for the Fashion Watch, Regatta, and Philippine Fashion Week, and has posed for several fashion editorials. The glitz of the pageant world started to lure her in 2014 as she became the first runner-up in Miss Global Philippines of that year.

Bookleaf top and bell bottom pants: VIVIEN MARTIN earrings, FLUTTER STATEMENT JEWELRY

She was an early favorite in the 2017 Binibining Pilipinas. Her fans unceasingly clapped and cheered as she confidently paraded with her #13 pageant number. Then the Q&A came and pressure got in the way. End of this chapter. Joining a pageant can make even the smartest people feel nervous. Some people are not yet over it although she has moved on and just looks back her Binibining Pilipinas experience to pick up a lesson. “It has definitely made me a stronger woman today because I am able to stretch my capabilities and opened my eyes to opportunities that not only limits to what benefits me but also ushered possibilities in helping others,” she declares. She is active in modeling again and has been the star in runways. The trust of famous designers like Jun-Jun Cambe has remained solid for Sirene as she was one of those whom the fashion designer chose to wear his Spring/Summer Collection for 2018 during the Philippine Fashion Week. She was also in a fancy wrap for the luxe bridal collection of Yeye Pantaleon. Joining another beauty pageant is not in her priority list she said as she is focused on expanding her horizon in the fashion industry. As a piece of advice to those who want to pursue modeling, she said that they should always strut their best walk and wear clothes from brands and designers that are ideal to their look.

Dress: PAT SANTOS, Earrings: PHIL ANDA

This 5’9″ British-Filipina beauty catches attention wherever she goes and her beauty stands out even in her favorite go-to outfit of denim shorts and a shirt.
Although slim, she’s not on a strict diet and even loves eating chocolate. “I stay fit through exercise,” she shares. Her skin care routine is uncomplicated. She just washes her face with tea tree soap, follows it up with a toner and wraps the process with a moisturizer. Of all the makeup products that can accentuate her looks, she thinks lipstick is the most important of all. “I can’t live without lipstick. I think it gives that voluptuous feel on my face,” she bares.

As the charisma of Sirene Sutton continues to fascinate a larger number of people, she’ll remain a shimmering star in the fashion realm. No matter what her critics disclose, this is what she affirms: “I am destined for something better because I was born to do great things.”




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