Skin Care 101: Your Night Routine



Night routines are as therapeutic as they are beneficial to the skin. After a long day from school or work, the satisfying feeling of removing your make-up and cleansing the face is simply like no other. Thus, before you get a well-deserved shuteye follow these simple steps of cleansing.

Make-up Remover

Today was quite a long day, lots of errands to run, sweat running down your face and the tiny particles of pollution get into your make-up. Luckily, the make-up serves as a type of boundary from your real skin to the real world. So, it is definitely a must to remove every bit of it. Starting with the make-up remover to cleanse the face of the stubborn makeup but it leaves a sticky feeling to the skin after.

Facial Wash

Time to remove the sticky feeling by using a facial wash. Some people start and stop with facial wash but it doesn’t really make the cut which you’ll find out why in a while. A gentle facial wash does the trick of cleansing the skin however there are some types that dry out the face leading us to number three.

Cleanser or Toner

Next in line is your cleanser and toner that completely eliminated the impurities left from the makeup and pollution. You’ll be surprised that after the facial wash you can still find traces of foundation or mascara on your cotton pad. Just remember, when in doubt, double cleanse.

Night Essence or Night Cream

People are just dying for that soft and supple Korean skin and the Korean skin care trend is getting more and more popular. Why not? It is packed with great products leading to great skin. Night essences and creams pair well with sleep because it repairs and rejuvenates the skin overnight. Definitely beauty investments.

Eye and Lip Treatment

Last but not the least are eye creams and lip balms. Show your eyes and lips some love by giving them vitamins from these treatments. Eye creams vary as well depending on what you want to repair like dark under eyes or puffy eyes. On the other hand, lip balms hydrate your lips to prep them for all kinds of lipstick for the next day.

Just like that you are ready for your beauty sleep! Waking up to soft and happy skin is enough to inspire you for another busy day ahead. Good luck!


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