Special Feature: Kiss Dry Skin Goodbye With Coconut Oil Cream


Tight, itchy and flaking—these are the symptoms of dry skin. It is a common skin condition characterized by lack of appropriate amount of water in the most superficial layer of the skin. If remained untreated, dry skin may result in complications, including eczema, secondary bacterial infections, cellulitis and skin discoloration. Fortunately, dry skin is usually a mild problem; thus, it can be easily dealt with. And of course the best solution comes from nature — coconut oil, the most potent remedy to dry skin.

Coconut oil repairs skin’s natural barrier and traps in moisture, no wonder why it is effective against dry skin. Additionally, it’s packed with vitamin E and protein so the skin glows naturally with regular use. Now, all of this skin goodness is in every bottle of Secret Key’s Coconut

Oil Cream… Never Dry. It contains pure coconut oil that nourishes and soothes dry skin. This soft and creamy formula penetrates the driest areas easily and leaves the skin supple and silky. It also contains three of the most effective ingredients known as nature’s best skin moisturizers— honey, green tea and seaweed. As honey softens and nourishes, green tea soothes irritation while seaweed promotes cell regeneration and protects against free radical attacks.

Totally free from harsh ingredients, such as paraben, gluten, ethanol, synthetic fragrance and coloring, Coconut Oil Cream is gentle to the skin. Since it’s non- greasy and not sticky, adults and babies can use it on their face and body as often as they want.

One visible sign that your skin is not completely healthy is having dry and flaky skin. If your old
skin creams have not been a big help, here are the reasons that will make you try Coconut Oil Cream:
• Contains natural ingredients that nourish the skin
• Relieves dry skin instantly
• Suits both babies and adults because it’s gentle
• Leaves lasting softness for both the face and body
• Protects the skin from irritation 


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