Skin Care : Sunscreen on rainy days? A must!



Rainy days doesn’t mean that there’s no sun. The largest star on the universe is always there but it isn’t as visible during rainy season as it is during the summer. Although the sun is naturally healthy and good for the skin, there are some harmful effects caused by the UV rays. UV rays can lead to aging and worst, cancer.
On cloudy days, still a severely high amount of UV rays are being received by individuals and by no means it is good for the skin. And the answer to it is as simple as your ABCs, just don’t forget to wear sunscreen.


People actually believe that because they can’t see the sun on cloudy mornings, they skip the sunscreen. But it’s good to make it a habit of putting on sunscreen everyday.

Here are some of advantages of sunscreen:

    • Lowers the risk of skin cancer
    • Shields the skin from UV rays
    • Prevents sunburns


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