Beauty: The Natural Change


BY | Flor Leano
An attractive hair is definitely a head-turner. But what are the criteria for a salon-gorgeous hair? Basically, it has to be clean. It should be washed daily to keep your hair dandruff-free. For women it has to be shiny and bouncy; for men, it has to be thick and black. If a simple shampoo and conditioner could give you all these, things could have been easier. But let’s admit, hair problems persist even with expensive hair treatments. Probably, it’s time to make the natural change.

Voluminous and velvety hair is possible even under extreme summer heat. Human Nature Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner tandem can save your hair from frizz and split ends. You will definitely fall in love with the Strengthening Shampoo’s nature-infused formula that consists of hydrolyzed protein to fortify and protect hair from breakage, and Philippine coco nectar, a revolutionary ingredient that bursts with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Its breakthrough CREAMFoam® technology acts like lotion to moisturize hair and scalp, leaving it much stronger, healthier, and glossier. On the other hand, Human Nature Strengthening Conditioner is 100% free from harmful chemicals. It is a very rich combination of hydrolyzed wheat protein that makes hair strands strong and healthy, and sunflower, avocado and soybean oils that keep every woman’s crowning glory soft and shiny.

Hair can make men look manlier and more confident. Many shampoos are available, but Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo for Men with Revitalizing Peppermint is definitely different because it is charged with one of the nature’s most powerful deep-cleansing ingredients―bamboo charcoal. Known in East Asia as the “Black Diamond”, bamboo charcoal acts like a magnet to help get rid of the dirt and impurities making the hair look healthier from roots to the tips. Since Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo for Men with Revitalizing Peppermint does not contain any harsh chemicals, such as paraben and synthetic fragrances, men can enjoy every shower without fear of itchiness or scalp irritation.

L’OREAL PARIS ELVIVE EXTRAORDINARY OIL For dry and limp hair, let flower power nourish your hair back. Only L’Oreal’s Extraordinary Oil offers the perfect combination of six flower extracts that work like a wonder to revive the glory in your hair. It consists of the oils of lotus to supply nutrition, chamomile to boost hair shine and radiance, tiare to protect hair from dryness, matricaria chamomilla to soften and relax hair texture, rose to protect hair from harsh water and weather, and flax to hydrate hair intensely. This precious blend leaves
the hair silky and shiny with a light weight, non-greasy finish. Being natural, it’s ideal for all hair types. Use it before shampooing, before styling or as a finishing touch to enjoy a perfect hair day.

Your locks can find hope in Ikumou Hair Grower Shampoo. It combines highly potent natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera and Moringa Oleifera (Malunggay), Panax Ginseng, rosemary and Virgin Coconut Oil for luxuriously thicker and healthier hair. It penetrates deeply to rejuvenate hair follicles, provides optimum nutrition to help combat hair loss or thinning of hair, and improves blood circulation to the scalp stimulating hair growth. Aside from preventing hair fall and stimulating hair growth, it also maintains moisture in the hair and scalp; thus, it eliminates dandruff and prevents scalp itchiness. Its cleansing effect makes it an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory solution. If your hair grower shampoo merely makes promises, it’s time to switch and feel the difference of Ikumou Hair Grower Shampoo in every strand of your hair. 


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