How To Wear Rose Gold Makeup Like A Pro


PHOTO CREDIT: GLAMINATI Inspiration for Modern and Beautiful Women

There is no denying that rose gold is the hottest fashion statement today. Be it clothing, accessories or makeup, Rose Gold is the trend. And with barely three months before the Yuletide season, this gives us more reasons to use shimmering colors for our everyday look

Rose Gold is a sweet, feminine and subtle shade that looks good with pretty much everything. Whether you are out for a date, heading to a business meeting or attending a party, Rose Gold makeup looks perfectly fine. Although it is a wearable shade, there are some tips on how to wear this color like a pro. Check out the different ways below.

Find Your Best Match
Rose Gold is universally flattering but take into consideration that we have different skin tones. Hence, you have you consider which one suits you. Experiment on the different hues of Rose Gold and decide which one looks best on your skin.

Use It As A Day And Night Makeup
Transform your Rose Gold makeup into a party look by adding a darker color on the outer corner of the lids. It can be black, brown, violet, or any color that can create a smoky look. The secret is to blend it perfectly to achieve those smoky eyes. Use a black eyeliner and finish off with two coats of black mascara to emphasize your eyes.

Go Monochrome
While it can be tempting to mix and match colors, it is also fun to stick with just one shade. Match your Rose Gold shadows with peachy pink blush and dust with a shimmering powder. For your lips, you can use a light pink shade and top it off with metallic gold lipstick. This would create a well coordinated Rose Gold makeup look.


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