Why ocean water is good for you


by: Flor Leano

A dip into the cool and sparkling ocean melts all the heat we are experiencing nowadays. Indeed, nothing refreshes more than the splash of the ocean water. It also has amazing benefits. Swimming in the ocean can stimulate circulation that allows better absorption of nutrients in the body. While swimming, you also absorb more oxygen that can make the skin look fresher after the dip. Psychologically, you feel better with the cool breeze, chilly water, and gentle massage of the gurgles of water that all lift your spirits. That is why you feel unusually happier while at a beach.
But aside from getting a heavenly relief, dipping into the ocean water has a lot of beautifying skin benefits. The whole day soaking into the salty water can remove dead skin cells leaving the skin brighter and lovelier. In addition, saltwater is rich in sulphur that works best for red pimples or blackheads. It’s also the perfect anti-inflammatory remedy especially to those who have hard-to-reach back acne. Aside from that, saltwater has natural moisture-reducing abilities to help in regulating the over production of oil that leads to clogged pores. The skin that’s free from oil will also be free from dirt that can cause pesky pimples.

Ocean water can also treat infection that is why experts recommend it in treating wounds. It helps in the healing process not just of wounds but also of eczema. Salt water contains magnesium that deals with eczema in two effective ways. Magnesium has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that ease itching. The more people scratch the itch in eczema the more it becomes worse. When magnesium gets into the eczema-infected surface of the skin, the itching stops and the skin is on its way to faster healing. Besides, magnesium draws water from eczema-causing bacteria and fungi to hinder its development.
Summer or not, there are really a lot of reasons for you to take frequent trips to the ocean especially if you have some skin problems that you want to solve. Just don’t forget to pack in a sunblock so you can enjoy swimming more.


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