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Sanya Lopez loves the life that she has right now—her steady climb up the ladder of showbusiness will be a testament to her talent.

Stunning in every angle, graceful in every move, a moment with Sanya makes one crave for more. Truly, Sanya personifies the adage that less is more. Being in the industry for quite some time now, this Kapuso star recalls her uphill beginning in the show business with pride. “I am proud that I started as an ‘extra’. There’s nothing wrong in playing the bit roles. In fact, those with lead and bit roles are equally important as they complete the puzzle of a good story,” she explains.

She may have started out as an extra, but considering how she was “discovered”, it could very well have foreshadowed the success that she is enjoying right now. Sanya was one of those whom the star builder, the late German Moreno, introduced in his late night show, Walang Tulugan. People started to notice her acting prowess in the afternoon series, The Half Sisters as Lorna. In 2016, Sanya finally rose to fame after she became the new Danaya of the television remake of GMA Network’s Encantadia. Strong-willed but still feminine, she was the perfect pick for the role of Danaya. Her fresh face and natural acting style gave primetime viewers more reasons to stay glued on GMA-7. She played more lead roles and has become the current primetime favorite especially in Dahil Sa Pag-ibig, her latest soap opera that tackles love, betrayal, and vengeance.

Letting the Glow Show
One thing you’ll immediately notice when you see her is her olive skin that luminously bloomed in the dimly lit room. Up close, her flawless skin glows even more. One of the reasons is that Shimmian Manila takes care of her skin. She regularly visits the aesthetic center to get a shot of glutathione which she believes to have both skin and health benefits. Her skin is already beautiful but a dose of glutathione makes it even more beautiful. Although she has a very tight schedule with extended working hours to finish a scene for her drama series, she remains healthy and energetic because of the nourishing benefits of glutathione.

Seoul White Korea also helps in revealing the natural beauty of her skin. She enjoys the skin care innovation and advancement of Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone Up Cream that really gives Korean glow. It’s a lightweight foundation-like hydrating cream that whitens and softens the skin. She also uses Seoul White Korea Soap, a gentle bar that combines the natural whitening, skin nourishing and brightening powers of arbutin bearberry and kojic acid.

Intermittent fasting helps her maintain her slender built. Experts don’t really consider intermittent fasting as a kind of diet, but more of an eating pattern that has periods of fasting and eating. “I usually do not eat for 16 hours then I will eat in moderation for eight hours. If I am preparing for a photo shoot I only eat salad, a variety of veggies and fruit and drink a blend of natural juices for eight hours,” she shares. She also has cheat days, usually during the weekends. This does not only break the monotony in her eating plan, but also intensifies the effect of intermittent fasting. “Once our body is used to the diet or to the eating cycle we have, it won’t be as effective as before,” she adds. As much as possible, she hits the treadmill and does cardio exercises like jumping rope and sit-ups to stay fit. If she’s really exhausted, she gets a massage to pamper herself.

“I am fond of simple things,” she reveals. Not fond of anything too striking, she always brings MAC Sexy Nude Lipstick to look simple but put together. When it comes to her wardrobe, she thinks that minimalist fashion sometimes referred to as classic fashion flatters a woman. She describes it as sleek, clean, and unfussy kind of fashion. She further explains that the understated minimalist designs make one feel comfortable. She believes that clothes need to be comfortable so you can just be yourself and be sexy in your own way.

Forging Ahead
Even if she has already played different roles, she still has a dream role—action films may be in her future, or so she hopes. She’s eyeing for something like Angelina Jolie’s fierce role in Tomb Raider. But she is thankful for any role that will be given to her. “I can say that I really went through hard times before enjoying whatever I have right now that is why I appreciate all of the roles given to me now,” she says. And to those who are still struggling in their career, she says: “You will reach your goals so just work hard and be patient. Wait joyfully and success will come,” she ends.

Photographer: Edward Keeler
Make-up Artist: Denise Ochoa
Hair Stylist: RJ Dela Cruz
Stylist: Henry Mergano
Set Styling: Gathered Creative Co.

Video by: Darwin dela Rosa


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