Special Feature: Be Proud of your Skin Again with KB 1000


by | Flor Leano

KB 1000 is the newest in KB skincare line intended to simplify your skin care routine with its seal of approval, technology and ingredients. Not all supplements come with the seal of approval of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some products are misbranded and have false claims. But if a product has the FDA seal like KB 1000, you are assured that experts in the government have proven that it is safe for use. It also means that ingredients in FDA-approved products work as they claim in the package.

KB 1000 comes with the skin care innovation called Ceramide Technology. Think of ceramides as skin barrier that protect the skin from environmental attacks such as pollution and sun damage. Think of it too as the body’s natural skin moisturizer. While we are still young, our body produces enough ceramides. But when we get older, we produce lesser ceramides so we become prone to wrinkles, dryness, irritation and itching. To boost the ceramide production in the inner layers of the skin once again, KB 1000 has the skin-identical Ceramide Technology to help strengthen the skin barrier and keep it hydrated the way it was while you were still young.

Only KB1000 has the 21 powerful ingredients that your skin needs for instant rejuvenation. It has the potent combination of glutathione precursors, rosehips and NAC not just to detoxify and strengthen the body but also to deactivate the pigment producing enzyme called enzyme tyrosinase to lighten the skin. KB 1000 also has the perfect mix to breathe life into your skin again like the Proprietary Probiotic blend that promote better moisture absorption and aid in delaying the signs of aging; Astaxanthin that shields the skin from sun damage and fades fine lines and wrinkles away; Hyaluronic acid that keeps collagen synthesis up while retaining skin moisture; Collagen that increases skin elasticity; and Alpha Lipoic Acid that purifies and improves skin tone and texture. Additionally, KB 1000 is rich in Vitamin C found in its ingredients like lychee seed extract, pomegranate extract, rosehips, and Acai berry powder to improve skin’s regeneration process and help the body fight free radical damage.

There is nothing like having the boost from within with the right ingredients that work for you to flaunt a blooming skin again despite your age. If you love your skin, give it the best it deserves like KB 1000.


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