Health & Wellness: Matcha Tea Time


If you are health conscious, matcha tea is a better beverage option especially if it is organic like Buddha Teas because it is free from chemicals and preservatives. It comes from the same plant as green tea, but since it is made from the entire leaf, it has higher concentration of antioxidants and has more health benefits than ordinary green tea bags. It even has higher antioxidant content than super foods like pomegranates and blueberries by twenty times according to  the experts of Tufts University. The health benefits of having high antioxidants should not be ignored since they strengthen the body’s natural defense against sickness. They fight the free radicals that contribute to the aging process and prevent major health problems such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Buddha Teas does not only contain antioxidants but it is also rich in essential vitamins to support better health. One of these is Vitamin A that ensures normal vision, stronger immune system, and healthier heart, lungs, kidneys, and other organs. It also contains Vitamin C that aids in natural cell regeneration process; Vitamin E that may prevent coronary heart disease and support immune function; and Vitamin K which promotes bone and heart health. Additionally ,matcha tea is an excellent drink for fresher and more glowing skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the redness in acne and pimples. It stimulates elastin production to add volume to the skin. At the same time, it protects the skin against free radicals that cause age spots, dry skin, and wrinkles. The tannins in matcha shrink pores and slow down the production of oil that clogs the pores.

The intense flavour of Buddha Teas does not contain any harmful ingredients. Every sip of it satisfies your thirst for aromatic matcha tea experience free from artificial colors, additives and gluten which is linked to blood sugar increase. After drinking a cup of matcha, you’ll feel a burst of energy especially in the morning so you will feel ready for a busy day.


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