Collagen: What Are They And How Aging Affects It?


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Collagen, perhaps, is one of the hottest skincare components now. Most people bought collagen-infused products without even realizing how important it is for the skin. Indeed, it’s a must-have if you want to protect your skin even at an early age. Most collagen product-related ads suggest that it’s essential if you want to achieve a healthier, youthful-looking skin. But before jumping on the bandwagon, let’s first find out what collagen is really about and if it’s really efficient in terms of anti-aging.

What Is Collagen?

Basically, it is present all over the body – around 80% of the skin to be exact. As a natural type of protein, collagen is responsible for providing firmness and strength to the tissues and organs. Its role is so important that it is not only found on the skin, but to a person’s bones and muscles as well. Without the collagen, achieving a healthy, younger look is almost impossible.

How Aging Affects The Skin?

Although aging is natural, many people wanted to slow it down by using various products and trying several methods. If you’re clueless about the signs of aging, here are some of its visible effects:

–    Thinner, drier-looking skin

–    Wrinkles and fine lines

–    Saggy skin

As you age, cell reproduction becomes sluggish, resulting in a dull-colored skin. This is one of the reasons why many people, particularly women, cringe about getting old. Therefore, if you want to fight aging, you need to protect your skin as much as possible. One of the causes of skin damage is the sun; if sunblock is not included in your skin care routine, you’ll easily see its dramatic effect even when you’re less than 30 years old. Overexposure to the sun’s damaging rays may result in a blemished complexion, blotchy spots, and worse – skin cancer. Meanwhile, unhealthy lifestyle and smoking may result in a wrinkled, dried out skin.

What Can You Do About It?

Even when you’re seeing signs of aging, there are still ways on how to remove or at least slow it down. Deterioration of collagen happens naturally but that doesn’t mean that you need to give up. While there are a lot of collagen treatments available, one way of improving your skin’s appearance is by switching to a healthier lifestyle, ditching cigarette, and limiting alcohol intake. These things are easier said than done; however, if you are really aiming for a youthful aura, you must stay committed to it.

Meanwhile, you may consider other alternatives, such as injecting collagen. This method may be pricey but you can guarantee an almost instant result. Collagen treatments are best used when you want to remove wrinkles, improve saggy lips, or get rid of crow’s feet. It may even reduce scars! Just be sure that you’re getting injection treatments from trusted clinics to achieve the best, most natural-looking outcome. In addition, you may want to consult your physician first to learn more about the treatment and whether it’s right for you or not. 


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