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Words | Flor Leano


Abelle with fresh perspectives, lovely uet unassuming – these words best describe Bianca Umali. Despite being visible on TV portraying major roles, such as in the current GMA-7 top rating show Mulawin vs. Ravena, Bianca can readily give a sweet and sincere smile to anyone she meets as her eyes spark brightly. Being an optimist, she never considers her daily routine tiresome. She sees it, including the highs and lows in her life, as a blessing. Bianca started as a commercial model when she was only two years old, and she was seen on several television commercials. At nine years old, she became one of the hosts of a children’s show, and eventually signed a management contract under GMA Artist Center in 2011. With no hang-ups, she enjoys life to the fullest. These fresh standpoints have made her define beauty with an all new twist.

“Being beautiful is being happy,” she beams. Bianca asserts that being happy makes a woman blooming and beautiful. If a woman is happy, she exudes her beauty naturally and effortlessly.On the other hand, if a woman sees only the dark side of life, she will just stress herself out. Consequently, her body will also react negatively so no matter what she puts on her face, she will not look beautiful. For this reason, Bianca suggests that if women really want to be truly beautiful, they have to take things easy and stay positive. She also suggests drinking lots of water for its skin and general health benefits. “Drinking water hydrates the skin and it’s like a natural moisturizer. It also keeps the skin soft and glowing,” she explains.from this, she quips that working out helps make one look her best. “I go to the gym and have a combination of gymnastics, muay thai, arnis, metabolic burning and weightlifting,” Bianca admits. She adds that the benefits of exercise surpass any beauty product as it flushes out toxins through sweating. As a result, the entire body becomes healthier and one’s aura, more radiant. She just puts moisturizer on her face for she believes that putting a lot of creams will just complicate skin problems. Surprisingly, her skin remains luminous.for now, she is into a no-sugar diet. She has bid desserts goodbye as they are both fattening and unhealthy. “Having a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and sound state helps tremendously in giving a better version of your own self,” she asserts. Her local fashion icons include Solenn Heussaff and Marian Rivera for their confident and fab looks in everything they wear. She also admires America’s TV and commercial darling Kylie Jenner for her fantastic wardrobe and successful makeup line. Bianca stresses that these three gorgeous ladies are the epitome of elegance worth imitating. At home though, she prefers to be comfy. “My personal style includes dress and sneakers or jeans and baggy shirt,” she admits.

“Having a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and sound mental state help tremendously in giving a better version of your own self.”

Bianca is a certified bibliophile as she reads 100 books a year. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series, Kristi Ling’s Operation Happiness, and Neil Pasricha’s The Book of Awesome top her list. “Everybody knows that I am a bookworm, I can finish a book in one day,” Bianca exclaims. Reading books seems to be her stress-reliever, from getting enough sleep. For busy celebrities like Bianca, sleep is a pleasure and privilege that one can barely indulge in every day, so whenever she’s free, she sleeps like Sleeping Beauty, deep and relaxing.

Bianca gets her inspiration from her parents who are now in heaven. Up to now, they are the ones who keep her going. Adept at sketching, she dreams of having an exhibit five years from now. The future is bright for this hard working lady, but in the meantime, she sincerely appreciates all the career blessings that come her way.

Model: Bianca Umali
Photographer: Edward Keeler
MUA: Nikki Duque
Hair Stylist: Iwa Ajinomoto
Fashion Stylist: John Paul Dizon
Cover Story: Flor Leano
Video: Jorel valmores


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