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The Enchanting Erich

The glitters of Philippine show business sparkled even brighter when Erich Gonzales joined and won Star Circle Quest in 2004. From the time she became a part of the Tinsel Town, she has given the viewing public, especially her fans, quality acting. Every time she’s on the screen, people can’t help but to stay glued as she is able to justify the roles she plays. When she cries, the audience cries with her and when she triumphs, her avid viewers rejoice with her. Truly, she projects the perfect combination of beauty, charm, talent making her a real gem of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic. Her box-office record remains unquestionable up to now yet she remains unassuming and treats everyone with warmth.

When asked about what keeps her busy nowadays, she said the she has been doing movies lately. She has just finished three films and about to start another one. Besides, she’s preparing for a new teleserye and the taping will start soon. Every day seems like a busy day for her. So how does she keep her skin glowing? “I work out and play badminton and also do spinning and running. Of course, I make sure that I eat balanced diet,” she shares. She also said that Aivee Clinic helps her a lot in making her look pretty and fresh every day. Her ultimate stress reliever is playing badminton. Sweating it out with some friends eases stress while spending an hour or two at the gym also helps her deal better with her erratic and extended Erich is always the apple of the eyes on Red Carpet parades and keeps photographers busy capturing her in almost all her angles. Sexy and sophisticated, it’s not very difficult to make her look stunning. She has graced the covers of top fashion, lifestyle and showbiz magazines. In fact, Yes! Magazine named her the “Most Beautiful Star of 2014”. Additionally, she makes her designers feel proud that she wore their gowns. Like the Kendalls that she admires, she enjoys fashion. She doesn’t stick to one silhouette or styleworking hours. but whatever outfit she is into, she’s always a sight to behold. “I always go for comfort. I dress according to what I feel like wearing that day. I dress depending on the occasion or event. I can be sporty, casual or formal,” she reveals.

To those who are losing hope, they might pick inspiration from Erich’s principle in life. “Keep going,” she says. “Always challenge yourself to reach greater heights. There is always room to be better. Be attached to the notion of growth, not an end state,” she exclaims. Erich’s life is an inspiration itself. She climbed up to fame slowly but surely, getting one good
project to another then proving herself worthy of everyone’s admiration. With the fame she is experiencing now, she intends to inspire more people. Hard work always pays off. For her career, she would like to do more meaningful and quality projects and to do more movies and teleseryes. Like most young adults like her, she wants to travel more. She’s so stressed so she deserves a longer time off somewhere away from work and enjoy. Alongside acting, she’ll continue learning new things. If there is something that she learned from other actors that is to save more and to pay it forward. Showbiz career is after all is unpredictable so she said that she needs to be financially ready for anything.

Photographer: Edward Keeler
MUA: Denise Ochoa
Hair Stylist: Jerry Javier
Fashion Stylist: Kim Yap and Boop Yap
Video: Bela Morcen


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