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Words | Flor Leano


Blooming at 22, Sue Ramirez always has a sweet smile for everyone. Her eyes sparkle as she speaks and shows that she genuinely loves what she is doing. Her fresh perspective make even simple chitchats sound profound. No dull moments with her, indeed. She even makes those who work with her feel comfortable with occasional exchanges of jokes, making her a perfect darling.

Even at a tender age, she has shown the mark of an independent woman who knows what she wants and sticks with it even amid ups and downs. In 2010, she decided on her own that she wanted to audition for Star Magic. After several call-backs, she underwent dance, singing and acting workshops to mold the star in her. Knowing
that she can be versatile, she grabs every opportunity given to her to show that she is worth the trust of her network. Her first major role was a supporting cast member of Mula sa Puso remake and up to now, she has been a part of top-rating ABS-CBN soap operas. “I learned to love acting although I initially wanted to be a singer
and auditioned for it. I have already started an acting career and would like of course to hone my skills by playing different roles,” she shares. Although young, she is proving that she can shine brightly amid the heavy competition in showbiz. It will truly be a delight for her growing number of fans to see her in a lead star role in “Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wi-fi (Life without Internet) to be shown during the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. This movie is a sweet, beautifully-told story about true love, friendship, family and life without Internet.

People thought that singing on Wish 107.5 was a new venture for her. But she said that she has been singing since she was a kid. In fact, she won in several competitions in high school. No wonder she sang like a pro with her own cover of Alamid’s “Your Love” which surprisingly had more than 39 million views on Youtube. Her melodious voice and radiant aura left everyone in awe that netizens want more of her renditions. She tried another music genre in her latest cover of “While We Are Young” by Keiko Necesario. Another twist, yet she still got praises for it.

She declares love for Korean food and indulges in all that pleases her taste buds, but take them in moderation to stay fit. Since tea is a powerful antioxidant, she makes sure that she sips a cup at night and drinks products with L-carnitine to speed up her metabolism. She believes that exercise and sports can help one stay looking great. If she isn’t that busy, she goes to the gym to sweat it out. Her looks are not just from winning the genetic lottery, it comes with some discipline, too. She doesn’t leave the house without sunblock to protect her skin, and cleans her face thoroughly before she sleeps at night or else, she will wake up with break-outs. For her, nothing beats an expert’s care, so she relies on Belo’s professional attention. And to relax after a long and tiring day, she gets a massage and watches a movie.

“Beautiful skin also comes with the careful choice of cosmetics. Before experimenting on anything on your skin, you’ve got to have a skin test and ask experts for the kind of makeup and skin care products that suits it best,” Sue suggests. She proudly shared that local products are compatible to her skin type and loves her current local endorsement for makeup and skin care products. A touch of earth colors emphasizes the beauty of her eyes, while
a peach to brown blushes can make her a maiden to behold.

A click on Google shows that Sue wants to experiment with her looks. “I like change. It’s refreshing to see yourself in different looks,” she says. It’s also one way of making people get excited with what she will do with her looks next. When she got a pixie cut for her hair recently, people thought of it as a statement of being broken-hearted or something. But the truth is, it is all just part of her craving for change.

The future will surely be bright for Sue, especially that she has a sunny perspective needed for her to stay long in the tough showbiz world. She believes that for anyone to stand out, whether in showbiz or in real life, one should not always be a part of the norm. “You have to embrace your uniqueness. You don’t have to change just to please others,” she explains. As a piece of advice she says: “You’ll never know how much an ounce of kindness can do to those who are silently suffering. You don’t know what they
are going through. Be kind to others.”

Cover Story: Flor Leano
Photographer: Edward Keeler
Makeup: Julius Cabasinas
Hair: Julia Fresh
Stylist: Ryuji Shiomitsu
Video: Arvin Maglalang


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