Sweet Simplicity – Kisses Delavin


Words: Maita de Jesus

Kisses Delavin hasn’t—and will never—let fame get to her head. And because of that, we predict she’s going to reach A-list celeb status. Get to know Kisses as she dishes more about herself, her plans for Valentine’s, and how it’s like growing up in the spotlight.

Kisses Delavin rolls into the studio ahead of call time, sans the fan fare and entourage that we’ve come to expect from celebrities. Her parents are with her, along with her sweet

little dog, which we learn is a gift from her fans. She small talks a bit, replying that she and her family simply took public transportation to get to the photo studio from the place that they’re renting out, their home away from home. It’s a few minutes away from her home studio, ABS-CBN, so it’s more practical than hiring a driver or having her dad drive.

Kisses’ parents are as down to earth as she is, which took us by surprise, simply because we’ve grown used to dealing with stage parents—those who overtly control their celeb child, from their wardrobe to who they can or cannot date. But Kisses’ parents were anything but— smiling, humble, and simply happy that they were there to be with their daughter.

Kisses settles in, and we have her go through the written list of questions we have for her. She giggles as she goes through the sparkly pens to choose from. She opts for a deep purple pen, and sets off to quietly and intently answer what we had in store for her. Written by her own hand, we loved what she had to say.

The shoot finishes up, with Kisses surprised that time went by so fast. Working with a top notch team, like what she had, does help a photo shoot run smoothly, but the biggest factor of everything working out is admittedly the celebrity. Working with Kisses was a breath of fresh air—no complaints, no demands, just all good vibes. Her dream glam team were all there simply because they love Kisses and the energy she brings—they said so themselves. It seems that no matter how famous Kisses will become—and she will be, make no mistake about that—she will stay the humble, sweet, and authentic girl we met that day. That will be the secret to her enduring success.

Cover Story: Maita de Jesus
Photographer: Dookie Ducay

Video: Edward Keeler
Makeup: Lala Flores
Hair: John Valle
Stylist: Perry Tabora


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