Health and Wellness: Pick the Glutathione that REALLY Works


By Flor Leano
We naturally produce glutathione. The problem is that the body is exposed to many
factors such as stress, pollution, radiation, prolonged medication, aging and many
others that deplete glutathione. Lack of glutathione in the body can contribute to cell
damage, aging and, over time, illnesses like arthritis, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
Fresh fruits and vegetables including meat can maintain glutathione supply but as we
get older, glutathione production in the body will naturally slowdown. That is why there
is a need to have a glutathione supplement.

What is reduced glutathione?
Reduced glutathione is not just a whitening expert but provides a triple treat for the
body. It helps support healthy liver function, protects the body from free radicals and
promotes the detoxification of harmful compounds. But glutathione in reduced form is a
very sensitive compound which is composed of bonded amino acids, glutamic glycine
and cysteine that when ingested, the bonded form will break again into amino acids in
the stomach enzyme before it goes to the bloodstream. Consequently, the reduced
glutathione has a small chance of getting absorbed in the body and will just be wasted.

What kind of Glutathione really works?
Glutathione could not be fully absorbed unless there is a precursor called NAC (N-
Acetyl Cysteine). Through NAC, glutathione can actually be absorbed in the body and
stimulate glutathione production in cells. Very few glutathione supplements contain
NAC. One of these is KB Glutathione Activator plus NAC and Vitamin C Rosehips. It’s
one-of-a-kind product with the free-form components of glutathione for better absorption
and retention. Vitamin C from Rosehips, on the other hand, maintains glutathione
concentration in the body and provides optimum anti-oxidant protection.
Not all glutathione products are the same. Remember, this supplement only works if it
has NAC and becomes really effective when taken with Vitamin C especially if it is from
Rosehips which contains higher amount of Vitamin C than citrus fruits. KB Glutathione
Activator plus NAC and Vitamin C Rosehips can be ordered at, Lazada and Shopee and can be bought over the counter at
Watsons and Mercury Drug.


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